TYPO3 Users, Please Let Us Know Your Feedback!

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Tell us what you like best? What do you dislike? What recommendations would you make for someone embarking on a TYPO3 project?
We are looking for reviews from TYPO3 users to share their experiences with our beloved CMS. This to improve our visibility and help peers who are looking for a reliable, secure, fast, and flexible content management system. 

The TYPO3 Project has started to use G2.com, the tech marketplace, as a prominent place to show the TYPO3 Project to millions of business decision-makers each month. 

“Your peers come to G2 to get an inside look at TYPO3 and other business solutions. Adding your personal perspective on TYPO3 will help others pick the right solution based on real user experiences.”

Submit Your Review Today

As valuable TYPO3 users, we ask you to provide a review of TYPO3 CMS. A review takes only a few minutes and the community as a whole would be thankful for your input! 

Tell us what you like best? What do you dislike? What recommendations would you make for someone embarking on a TYPO3 project? What problems are you solving with TYPO3? And what benefits have you realized using TYPO3? 

Make your voice heard. We want to know!

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Why We Love to Hear Your Feedback

We will gather all feedback centrally on our G2.com landing page. This enables us to verify, check, and process your feedback. The TYPO3 Project would really appreciate your honest input! While there is already an issue queue where people can report bugs or feature proposals, there hasn’t been a place where TYPO3 end users can give their honest feedback about their experience.

Meanwhile, with more reviews, TYPO3 CMS will also get more visibility on this specific worldwide platform. Every day, decision-makers are researching software options and they love to read experiences from their peers. 

See what others say about TYPO3! Give them a like to say thank you, when you feel their insights helped your search. Thank you for your time on behalf of the TYPO3 Project and the Marketing Team.

About G2.com

G2 is the world’s largest tech marketplace where businesses can discover, review, and manage the technology they need to reach their potential. As a strong Open-Source project TYPO3 is a great option in the Web Content Management Software area. Therefore we need to be out there on G2.com. We are happy to educate, help, and influence new TYPO3 users to join our great community!

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