TYPO3 Online Marketing Sprint Q2/2020


Date: May 26-27, 10am-1pm CEST.
Location: Everywhere!

This is our first time holding our marketing sprint online. We'll be focused on the 2020 milestones for boosting TYPO3 awareness. We'll be creating a strategy and resources to help the community work together to promote TYPO3.

We're mainly going to work on the following topics:

  • Market Share / Market Segmentation Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Creating TYPO3 Battle Cards!
  • General Marketing Strategy and Milestones for TYPO3 in 2020

If you have any questions join our #marketing Slack Channel or contact Luisa Sofie Faßbender (@luisasofie on TYPO3 Slack)! We're looking forward to hearing from you!

READY TO JOIN? https://forms.gle/ktiaSoez4MhYFjiP8

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