CMS-Learning Curriculum for Educators and Students

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SkillDisplay announces ready-to-use curriculum to help students learn about content management.

Helping Students Learn About Content Management

Learning has moved online in response to the recent COVID-19 crisis. This increases demand on educators and students to establish a workflow for online learning with access to materials in the right learning paths.

To help students learn about content management systems, we have some support to offer educators: 

  • Learn about content management in any CMS. 
  • Ready-to-use mini curriculum. 
  • A PDF download. 
  • Track your learning progress via the SkillDisplay platform.
  • Targeted to higher education, but some content may be useful for the secondary level.

This was put together by the TYPO3 Community, HTLW3R (HTL Rennweg, a higher education facility in Vienna, Austria), and SkillDisplay. 

Flexible Learning and Progress Tracking

Students can progress through the material in self-study. Or, educators can discuss these topics with students applying them to their favorite CMS via online coaching.

Access the Content

If you’d like to get in touch e-mail office(at) Or, also register your educational facility at: SkillDisplay for Educators for free.