Budget 2024 Ideas for Quarter 1/2024 Published — Vote Now!

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The call for community budget ideas for the first quarter of 2024 was successful: 11 of 16 ideas have made it to the poll. The ideas can now be discussed and TYPO3 Association members can cast their vote.

On 1 November, we launched the community budget process for 2024 with a call for budget ideas. The ideas are now published at talk.typo3.org, where you can review and discuss them.

As a part of the democratic processes of the TYPO3 Association, an email with a voting link has been sent to all members. The four community ideas with the most votes will be granted their share of this quarter’s idea budget. The member poll is open until 17 December 2023.

The final results will be published by the end of December, so the winners can start their work on 1 January 2024. To receive the money, they must complete their work on or before 31 March 2024.

View and Discuss the Ideas

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