Community Budget Idea Report: Implementing TYPO3 Rector Rules

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For many years I've been one of the developers of TYPO3 Rector. When I heard about the call for funds for community projects at the end of last year, I applied. Thanks to the TYPO3 community, my proposal to write at least ten new Rector rules got accepted and the funds were approved.

In early 2024, I had some time to work on the project. After going through the rules in the Rector repo, I tagged the ones I thought would be easy to implement with the label Easy Pick. I started working on them, and by the end of January I had already reached my goal.

During the first quarter of the year, I had several chats and calls with Sebastian Schreiber, the founder of TYPO3 Rector, and he had the motivation to upgrade TYPO3 Rector to the latest version of Rector (which our project is built on top of). As Rector threw away a lot of the capabilities which we built our TypoScript, YAML and other file processors on top of, we had to throw away a lot of rules for the upgrade.

All implemented rules can be found on the Q1 2024 Milestone of the TYPO3 Rector repo.

In February, the team decided to host a code sprint and UDG in Mainz invited us to their office — which we appreciated a lot! The code sprint took place 6–8 March, 2024.

For Q2 I want to add more Rules which especially target TYPO3 13. 

Sebastian wants to implement a separate tool that enables the usage of our TypoScript and other file processors and is also looking for funds now as part of the Quarter 2/2024 Budget Ideas — vote now! Read more about the budget idea

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