Simplify the TYPO3 Translation Workflow: TransFusion's Q2/2024 Roadmap

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In the dynamic world of web development, staying ahead means continually innovating and refining existing tools. With TransFusion, our mission is to simplify backend translation challenges for TYPO3 users.

Building upon the successes of Q1/2024, where we developed a working wizard prototype and gathered invaluable user feedback, we are thrilled to share our roadmap for Q2.

Q1/2024 Progress: TransFusion Working Prototype

During the first quarter of 2024, our focus was on laying down the foundation for TransFusion. We developed a working wizard prototype, providing an additional backend interface for the page module. This prototype, available in the TransFusion GitHub Repository, garnered significant attention and is slated for publication on Packagist and TER in March 2024. Our emphasis was on standard core elements, and we actively sought user feedback to guide further development.

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Q2 2024 Goals: Version 13 Core Compatibility

In our ongoing journey to enhance TransFusion, our goals for Q2/2024 are centered around feature completeness, user experience improvements, and ensuring compatibility with TYPO3 CMS v13 Core changes. We aim to seamlessly connect and disconnect advanced content elements, as well as introduce support for custom inline fields within tt_content. Additionally, we plan to incorporate drag-and-drop functionality so that users can effortlessly rearrange translation records between different parent elements.

Adapting TransFusion to recent TYPO3 CMS v13 Core changes is paramount. This ensures continued compatibility and seamless integration with the latest advancements in TYPO3 technology. Quality assurance remains a top priority for us. We will conduct thorough testing using the testing extension provided by the TYPO3 translation handling initiative, identifying and rectifying any bugs. Additionally, we are committed to providing comprehensive documentation outlining new features and benefits for our users.

Ongoing Commitment to Simplify Translation Workflows

Throughout Q2/2024, we are dedicated to making the enhanced prototype publicly accessible for community exploration and testing. We welcome feedback and collaboration as we strive to enhance TransFusion and meet the evolving needs of the TYPO3 community.

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We didn’t get enough votes to get a budget for Q2/2024, but we will continue our work and submit new ideas in the coming quarters. Thank you for all the support in Q1/2024.  Together, let's shape its future.

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