TYPO3 v10 Community Content Roundup

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TYPO3 v10 came out only two months ago, and wow—how time flies! We wanted to celebrate the contributors in the community, who helped get the word out about TYPO3 by writing blog posts and sharing the news. We knew you’d like to help boost TYPO3’s signal and loved your contributions. If we missed any contributions, please post them in the comments section.

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And the Winner Is…

In the run up to the release of TYPO3 v10, we asked people in the community to make some noise  by writing about it and sharing it on Twitter. Then we entered the submissions into a prize draw and selected a random winner. 

And the winner is… 

The Ultimate Guide to TYPO3 Update/Upgrade
by Sanjay Chauhan of NITSAN Technologies in Bhavnagar, Gujarat, India!
(A little treasure is on its way to you.)

What You’ve Been Writing About TYPO3 v10

There was a great buzz about the community as we got ready for the release. Considering that a pandemic was unfolding and upsetting everyone’s personal and work lives, we’re really impressed with the participation. 

We wanted to give a shout out for some great contributions in this content roundup. 

If we’ve missed anything, please add your suggestions in the comments. 

We Celebrated TYPO3 v10—Live, Online, Together

Before COVID-19 bulldozed through everyone’s calendars, there were many in-person parties planned. But within a few short weeks, everyone had to make alternate arrangements. 

For some, it meant celebrating at home with the kiddos.

For some, it meant crafting your own TYPO3 fan art out of old lanyards.

For others, it meant arranging to have online meetups with colleagues and friends. Even when they couldn’t in person. 

Many folks also joined the official TYPO3 live announcement which included a presentation showing details of all the new features and advantages of this new version. It even ended with a little dance party! Watch the official release video here:

Also, watch it if you missed it: Deploy Friday: E04 TYPO3 10.4.1 and your Peace Of Mind. This is an interview panel with Susanne Moog, CTO of TYPO3 GmbH, Benni Mack, CTO b13 GmbH, Luisa Faßbender, TYPO3 Marketing Team Lead, hosted by Robert Douglass and Larry Garfield of Platform.sh.

TYPO3 v10 Easier to Upgrade Than Ever

We encouraged extension maintainers to share the fabulous news that they had updated their extensions to support v10. 

Thank you to the many extension maintainers who made TYPO3 v10 apparently better supported than any previous release. 

Benjamin Kott “reported there are 760% MORE compatible extensions available right now for TYPO3 v10 then there were when v9 was released. More than 170 compatible extensions are available in the TYPO3 Extension Repository (TER) already,” from Benefits of TYPO3 v10 for business users.

The account @t3extensions automagically announces whenever a TYPO3 extension is updated on the TER (TYPO3 Extension Repository), showing that many are now TYPO3 v10 compatible. However many other extensions are published on the Packagist repository

It’s always good to shout out when you have a new extension available.

Many developers and TYPO3 agencies even got their sites upgraded as soon as they could. 

Richard Haeser updated his site in under one hour from v9 to v10!

And b13 got their agency site updated as soon as v10 was released, well exactly 13 mins after TYPO3 was released.

We Shared Content Highlighting the Fabulous New Features

In an interview on Entwickler.de, Matthias Schreiber, CEO of TYPO3 GmbH, pointed out that “TYPO3 v10 LTS contains more than 120 new functions that make the administration of modern websites easier, more compatible and even more secure, as well as making your daily work with TYPO3 more enjoyable.”

So it was up to the community to choose which were their favourites. There seems to be a consensus forming around the best features to highlight.

Over on the Mittwald blog, they interviewed Susanne Moog, CTO of TYPO3 GmbH about TYPO3 v10. What would entice folks to move to TYPO3 for the first time or upgrade? Susanne said for her, the top three features are Dashboards, the Form Builder improvements, and the option to adapt all system emails using Fluid templates.

In their blogpost about TYPO3 v10, the team at DAUS CONCEPT GmbH admitted that it was a shame they couldn’t have their party in Flensburg, but they still took a chance to celebrate some of their favourite new parts of TYPO3 v10. They include the Dashboard, HTML-based template emails, improved privacy and security, backend user management improvements, and the Automated Link Validator.

While these popular “big” features will impact most projects, digital agency b13 in Stuttgart took a moment to celebrate “13 little things” that might have gotten overlooked. 13 Little Things We Love in TYPO3 v10. As examples, Benni Mack, TYPO3 Project Lead, pointed out that you can now link to phone numbers more easily, improving mobile UX for site visitors, and now the File List search shows additional options and the clipboard to make content editors’ lives easier. There are lots of changes that are time-saving and helpful. 

The team at T3Terminal wrote an amazingly comprehensive 5 part series on their blog looking at TYPO3 from different perspectives. This latest release had something for everyone. These are good articles to review to make sure you’re making the most of TYPO3 v10 as you plan your new projects.

Loads of insight and details in this series. Kudos to Sanjay and his team for putting together these fabulous guides!

We Shared Tutorials, Tips and Tricks About Using TYPO3 v10

Many developers and agencies spent time getting to know TYPO3 v10 and came up with lots of tips and tricks to share. 

TYPO3 developer Peter Kraume wrote about how to get a TYPO3 v10 installation set up, and how to report issues, and test patches.

The team at Punkt.de took time to write about their favorite features. The blog post includes tips for creating a customized backend layout for content editors, along with ideas for dashboard widgets. They also give some tips about the front end login if you’re migrating or updating. 

TYPO3 developer Martin Alker at Punkt.de has also written about responsive images in TYPO3 v10 to leverage the new “lazy loading” option. He offers tips about configurations and TYPO3 extensions you can use like sms_responsive_images. 

TYPO3 developer Sebastian Klein shared his thoughts on the best features from TYPO3 v10. Sebastian included cool “before” and “after” examples to show how different it is, for example, to access single form values in templates. He wrote, “Until now, it was not possible to render a single value directly in form templates. You had to traverse through all values and use conditions to render a specific identifier, which was cumbersome.” The post includes some great tips, so don’t miss it!

On the Mittwald.de blog, Hannes Strangmeier wrote a post to “introduce you to a feature that might not catch your eye when looking through the changelogs.” Read: “For even more website performance: Analyze INT objects in the TYPO3 10 admin panel.

The team at b13 wrote in-depth tutorials and guides on making use of new capabilities, especially where they can make it easier to manage TYPO3 sites and reduce errors. They are posting more soon, so keep an eye out for more tips!

By taking time to share things about TYPO3, you make sure everyone can make the most of it. As a result, TYPO3 sites will be faster, better, and more user friendly.

We Shared Love For the TYPO3 Community

Lots of content was a big THANK YOU to the community with some lovely compliments that likely make the humble CMS blush.

As Pixelant says, TYPO3 v10 is “The Best CMS We Have Ever Released.”  Arguably, any latest version should be the best, but it really feels special this time. “No other CMS makes it as easy as TYPO3 when it comes to managing complex websites, juggling many languages, editors, and assets.”

Show your love TYPO3 by contributing to a crowdfunding campaign at Coders.care for the Mask extension. “This allows editors without having to worry about structures to enter complex content.”

Contributor Michael Schams announced that “TYPO3 v10 LTS is now available at the #awsmarketplace.”

That is fantastic! 

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