The TYPO3 Demo Project Meets Hebrew

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Have you ever wanted to see a TYPO3 website with a right-to-left language? Well now you can! We are happy to announce that the TYPO3 demo project is now available in Hebrew.

One of TYPO3's main strengths is its multilingual capabilities. It is built with international audiences in mind. TYPO3 has long supported non-Latin character sets, for example Arabic, Chinese, and Cyrillic; as well as varied writing directions. Not many know that you can also include a quote in Hebrew (right-to-left) within a piece of English (left-to-right) content.

See the TYPO3 Demo Project in Hebrew

Why Hebrew?

When you're working with languages in both directions, challenges get real, real fast! Implementing Hebrew in the demo project allows us to showcase both how it looks on the frontend, as well as how it works for editors in the backend.

Frontend Design

Good designers know to consider language direction in web designs and templates. Having the demo project available in a right-to-left language clearly demonstrates the impact on image alignment and layout on the page. 

Editor Experience

Translating content in the demo project into languages with different directions means that users can get a feel for the editing experience in the backend. For editors working with translations, the content elements for each language are easily identified. Users can log in as editors, and directly interact with content in English, German and now Hebrew.

The Demo Project—Your Best Sales Tool

Next time you’re telling potential clients how massively multisite and multilingual TYPO3 is, you can show them rather than tell them. 

They can experience a translated site as a website visitor, and as an editor. In real time. 

And that is worth a thousand words.

The Demo Project is Your Project

We’re really proud of the demo project and we’re continually working to build on it to use it as a showcase for TYPO3’s great features.

Get in touch with the team if you’ve got feedback or would like to be involved in working with us.

Talk to the Demo Project Team

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