The team

Our team is committed to

  • give users the best TYPO3 experience at first sight,
  • integrate best practices for TYPO3 integrators as a blue-print for custom improvements
  • extend and expand the TYPO3 Demo Project with new functionality.

Next Steps

The TYPO3 Demo Project is an example website to show-case what TYPO3 delivers out-of-the-box. We want to give people who want to try out TYPO3 for the first time a great experience when browsing the website, or work as an editor within the TYPO3 Backend. Newcomers can then easily decide if TYPO3 is the right CMS for their needs without having to read through documentation, or setting up their own installation on their own server.

This is why there are some much-requested features clients usually have that we will implement in 2021:

  • Add an On-Site Search
  • Integration of Structured data for SEO
  • Integration of Forms
  • Update to TYPO3 v11


We want to hear what you think

Team leader

Desirée Lochner

Feel free to contact Desi if you have any questions about the demo project.

Team members

David Steeb


Matthias Stegmann


Stefanie Kreuzer

Design & Concept

Ruben Steeb