Extension Repository Shows Localization Status

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Translation status displayed as progress bars for each language on a computer screen.
The TYPO3 Extension Repository now includes the status of translations for extensions drawn from Crowdin. This is an exciting development because TYPO3 is an international community. Previously, it was difficult to find out the status of translation for particular extensions, and now it is publicly available for all users to see.

The data is sourced directly from Crowdin which means the TER is providing real-time status of localization efforts. CrowdIn is the cloud-based content localization solution integrated with TYPO3 CMS.

Translating the UI of your extension makes it available for more users, and is an important consideration for a global product such as TYPO3. Extension authors can decide to have their extension on Crowdin and the project is set up automatically and connected to the version control system of the extension.

The localization status is displayed above the installation section, and is available for all extensions that use CrowdIn for localization. Check out the documentation to get to know more about the TYPO3 Crowdin integration, and how to bring your extension to Crowdin.

Click a language to open the translation on crowdin.com.

Animation of the TER, scrolling down to display translation status as progress bars for each language.

Who Can We Thank for This Cool Improvement?

This was one of the long-term goals set by the Localization with Crowdin Initiative. Thanks to web-to-date.com for sponsoring this innovation.

Check Out This Cool New Feature in the TER … and then get involved by contributing to translations for your favorite extension over at Crowdin.

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