My First TYPO3 General Assembly

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From left: Kendall Litton, Panos Semitekolos, Luisa Fassbender, Daniel Fau, and Joeline Bersch from TYPO3 GmbH.
Kendall Litton, Communications Manager at TYPO3 GmbH, reports on her first experience at the TYPO3 General Assembly in Zürich, highlighting membership growth, economic updates, and the importance of community engagement.

I journeyed to Switzerland to attend my inaugural TYPO3 General Assembly (GA) which took place in Zürich on April 18, 2024. As a newcomer, I approached the event with a sense of anticipation, eager to connect with existing board members, fellow TYPO3 Association members and learn more about the decision making process. My primary objective was to gain insights into the current state of the association and to acquaint myself with any developments since the previous year's assembly.

Kendall Litton, Communications Manager
Kendall is a Berlin-based communications professional specializing in international PR and corporate communications across diverse industries. With a focus on crafting strategies that resonate with global audiences, Kendall leverages extensive experience in navigating cultural nuances and delivering impactful messaging. Outside of work, Kendall enjoys exploring Berlin's vibrant neighborhoods with her dog, Russell.

Open-Source, Open-Dialogue 

The GA was well-attended and followed a structured format—encompassing discussions on financial matters, crucial updates, and the election of board members and addressing any pertinent issues. Members, both present at the event and participating online, were provided opportunities to pose questions or share comments/concerns. The ethos of open dialogue was actively promoted, with this year's host, Mathias Bolt Lesniak, emphasizing the significance of active participation throughout the forum. 

Key Takeaways

  • Memberships continue to rise steadily
  • Profits surged, surpassing the previous year's earnings ($217,775 compared to $170,346)
  • TYPO3 GmbH now oversees events and product development
  • Introduction of new membership categories: Industry, eCommerce/Retail/Wholesale, Public Sector, and NGO
  • Encouragement for active participation from all stakeholders 

The TYPO3 Community

Navigating the TYPO3 ecosystem as an outsider may initially appear daunting, yet I discovered the atmosphere to be incredibly welcoming and inclusive. Throughout the General Assembly, social gatherings, and the subsequent Swiss Camp, I encountered numerous TYPO3 enthusiasts eager to extend greetings and integrate me into the community. This firsthand encounter underscored the exceptional nature of this community and the distinctiveness of an open-source project.

Call for participation

The sustained expansion and backing of TYPO3, driven by community engagement, propel the project's progress and extend its reach to new audiences daily. A pivotal insight gleaned from my participation in the General Assembly was the impassioned call for active involvement, from membership to candidacy for board positions. Within TYPO3, volunteers and dedicated members serve as the cornerstone of its mission, collectively propelling growth and perpetuating ongoing development.

“Think about the possibilities of being a board member. You don’t have to be a board member for terribly long, but being a board member is actually stepping up and taking on the responsibility that is vital for TYPO3. And having voices, differences in opinion, people from different locations, from different backgrounds, is vital to the future development of TYPO3. So, go think about that until next year. We really need people on the board who want to bring the best to TYPO3. It’s not only code that counts.”

– Mathias Bolt Lesniak, TYPO3 Brand Ambassador

Read about Mathias’ time on the board and his transition to Brand Ambassador here

Any community thrives when it reflects a rich tapestry of backgrounds and perspectives. In envisioning the future, the community will surely continue to see positive outcomes from seeking the active engagement of young/diverse voices and increased involvement of women in the field.

I extend my gratitude to the TYPO3 community for their support and inclusivity. My time in Zürich proved exceptionally rewarding, offering invaluable opportunities for learning and connection. I eagerly anticipate future TYPO3 events and the chance to connect with fellow enthusiasts. If our paths cross, please don't hesitate to say hello—I’d love to connect or have a coffee. 

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