Emerce Digital Marketing Live in NL

Idea Submitted by: Ronald Meeuwissen

What is your idea about?

Promotion of TYPO3 in the Netherlands.

What is the potential impact of your idea?

Reach thousands of Digital Marketing experts with a booth for example at https://digitalmarketinglive.nl

ntroduce TYPO3. Offer a place for local NL agencies to represent themselves. The idea is to setup a shared booth. With 3-4 Dutch partners. 

The TYPO3 market in The Netherlands can use such a boost very much. Would be nice to grow TYPO3 outside Germany.

Approximate Funds needed

€10,000 - €25,000

For sponsoring a shared booth, and having 2 talks during the events. Will ask the participating agencies also to pledge funds!

Comment of the TYPO3 Association Budget Committee

The Committee supports the idea. It has to be coordinated with the TYPO3 Company.


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