Fields of Responsibility

This is an overview of how our organization works, on how the tasks are structures, and on the right contact person for each field. 

  • Administration: this cluster refers to elements such as Budget, Members Administration, Accounting, Votings & Elections, Professional Service Listing
  • Communication: in this category the tasks are related to TYPO3 official Websites, Members Communication, OTRS (info(at), External communication 
  • Education: here is a collection of the duties of the Education Committee and of the Events Committee
  • Development: here the tasks related to the development of the TYPO3 project are listed
  • Trademarks: this final cluster outlines the elements related to the safeguard of TYPO3 as trademark


About: the budgeting process is done once a year. It defines, which project / team / committee will get which amount of money for the next year.

What is expected: collection of applications, approval and distribution of the available budget in a transparent manner, involvement of members through votings, controlling, communication about the process

Who is involved? 

  • Board: for statistics, communication to the members, votings
  • EAB: decision about budgets, responsible for the process, contact body for budget owners
  • Operations Officer: support of the EAB during the whole budget process
  • BCC: controlling of expenses.

Responsible: Expert Advisory Board

Membership Administration

About: this task refers to the membership administration (confirmation of registration, listing, invoicing, statistics) 

What is expected: processes are maintained through quality checkings and regular updates and the membership shop runs in a user-friendly way. 

Who is involved:

  • TYPO3 Back Office: operational work
  • Treasurer  contact person for all members and coordinates all issues between them, the Board, and the Back Office.

Responsible: Treasurer of the Board of the TYPO3 Association


About: all elements related to accounting, bookkeeping, and controlling. 

What is expected: accounting, dunning, report towards BCC, controlling, year-end-closing.

Who is involved:

  • Treasur of the Board: management of finances, including the year-end closing
  • BCC: controlling of finances
  • TYPO3 Back Office: accounting and dunning
  • BDO: year-end closing and accounting consultancy.

Responsible: Treasurer of the Board of the TYPO3 Association

Polls and Elections

About: this task relates to the the three votings and-or elections planned yearly for the TYPO3 Association, these being the online budget poll, the online elections for EAB & BCC, the elections of the Board at the General Assembly.

What is expected: the voting tool works properly and a committee is formed for official elections. 

Who is involved:

  • Secretary of the TYPO3 Association: administration of votings and elections, formation of the election committee
  • Election committee, which changes every year.

Responsible: Secretary of the Board of the TYPO3 Association

Professional Service Listing

About: the PSL is a service offered to TYPO3 agencies who display their ability to provide TYPO3 CMS work. The PSL is a paid service, which requires the agencies to match certain quality standards in order to be listed. 

What is expected: regular reviews of the listed agencies, correct and up to date listings.

Who is involved:

  • PSL team: management of the listing and checking that the listed agencies match the established criteria
  • Second Assessor of the TYPO3 Association: supports the PSL Team and is the contact person for all PSL enquiries. 

Responsible: Second Assessor of the Board of the TYPO3 Association

Official Websites

About: represents the main tool for official communication related to the TYPO3 project

What is expected: the website is up to date and the work and content is coordinated between the editorial team and the team.

Who is involved:

  • TYPO3 ORG Team: responsible for the maintenance and the development of
  • TYPO3 Editorial Team. responsible for the content management
  • TYPO3 Marketing Team: responsible for defining the web presence stratefgy and the content available on
  • Operaions Office: responsible for the content management for the TYPO3 Association.

Responsible: TYPO3 Marketing Team

Member Communication

About: the TYPO3 Association reports regularly on its activities in form of news articles and of newsletters to its members.

What is expected: a regular member newsletter to the members and monthly reports in form of news articles (Diary of the TYPO3 Association)

Who is involved: 

  • Secretary of the Board: responsible for drafting and publishing the news article, as well as for managing the newsletter activities.

Responsible: Secretary of the Board of the TYPO3 Association

External Communication

About: the TYPO3 Association and the TYPO3 Project release news via a PR Agency to the press. 

What is expected: Regular external communication with the aim of informing and of giving visibility to TYPO3 internationally, consistent social media content that follows the TYPO3 social media guidelines.  

Who is involved:

  • Operations Officer: social media management, supports the Press Officer, coordinates information and resources
  • PR Agency: manages the contact with journalists and advises on press opportunities 
  • Press officer (First Assessor of the Board): monitors and creates content, coordinates workflow with the PR agency and with the TYPO3 teams.

Responsible: First Assessor of the Board of the TYPO3 Association

Handling Emails to and OTRS

About: all requests to are received by the OTRS system. A team of voluntaries is answering to these requests. The Operations Officer assists the team in order to reply in a timely and concise manner, acting as second level support. 

What is expected: accurate response time for requests (during working days within 48 hours)

Who is involved:

  • OTRS responsible (Second Assessor of the Board) 
  • Operations Officer on second level

Responsible: Second Assessor of the Board of the TYPO3 Association


About: one of the goals of the TYPO3 Association is the organization of events for informative and educational purposes.

What is expected: organization and coordination for the successful planning of official TYPO3 events.

Who is involved:

  • Events committee: events organization
  • Operations officer: support of the events committee and organization of the TYPO3 Association's events
  • TYPO3 Back Office: manages the bookkeeping related to the events.

Responsible: Events Committee Leader


About: the Education Committee sets up and runs platforms, events, and projects related to TYPO3 educational topics and certifications.

What is expected: making a first approach with TYPO3 easier, supporting the further education of TYPO3 professionals, certifying qualified TYPO3 professionals of all levels (editors, integrators, developers, companies, consultants and trainers), organization of #CertiFUNcation Day as official TYPO3 Event.

Who is involved:

  •  Education committee: manages the workflow, organizes educational events, and collaborates closely with the Certifications Team.

Responsible: Education Committee Leader


About: one of the goals of the TYPO3 Association is to sustain and to enable the development of the TYPO3 project.

What is expected: continuous maintenance and development of TYPO3 CMS and ensuring an innovative approach is taken.

Who is involved:

  • TYPO3 CMS Core Team: development and maintainance of the product
  • Product Owner: leads the TYPO3 CMS core team
  • President of the Board: collaborates closely with the product owner

Responsible: President of the Board of the TYPO3 Association


About: one of the goals of the TYPO3 Association is the safeguard of TYPO3 as trademark.

What is expected: maintenance of the trademark registrations and taking action in conflict situations, definition of clear rules and clear communication of them to the trademarks users. 

Who is involved:

  • Vice-President: maintenance of the trademark processes and takes action in conflict situation
  • Operations Officer: support of the work of the Vice-President, documentation, first point of contact for trademark issues
  • Euromaier: external consultant.

Responsible: Vice-President of the Board of the TYPO3 Association