TYPO3 Fully Translated to Arabic

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Screenshot of the TYPO3 backend with Arabic language labels.
Screenshot of the TYPO3 backend in Arabic. Image courtesy of Peter Kraume
Community member Abdulhamid Kwieder recently shared on the TYPO3 Slack that he has completed the translation of the entire content of the TYPO3 backend to the Arabic language.

“I am truly delighted to see our TYPO3 available in multiple languages, catering to all the languages spoken by humans on this Earth, whether they are written from left to right or from right to left, and more.”
— Abdulhamid Kwieder

With only a little help from a friend during the early stages, Hamid devoted three years of voluntary translation work to complete this impressive task.

Arabic Language Flag

There are many countries that speak Arabic, and Hamid explains that there is no official flag for the Arabic language. “Many people use the flag of Saudi Arabia but to avoid political connotations, I would suggest using a more neutral option that represents the language itself, rather than a country or nationality.” 

Making Contributions Possible

The TYPO3 Association extends a big thank you to Hamid Kwieder for this achievement, and to his employer, Austrian agency Earlybird GmbH, for supporting this work. Hamid says, “I would like to express my gratitude to Earlybird for motivating me to make a contribution to TYPO3 after I shared this idea with them”. 

Want to Help Out as a Translator?

We’d love to have more translators for other languages. TYPO3 uses Crowdin, a localization management platform. The documentation details how the translation process works, and how you can get started contributing.

See if you meet the requirements to get started, and help us make TYPO3 the best CMS in ANY language

For example, Jigal van Hemert has been doing a great job keeping the Dutch translation at 100% for quite some time now. Thank you Jigal!

Interested in Other Localization Work?

Even if you don’t see yourself as a translator, you can still participate. The Localization Team maintains the services for having TYPO3 Core and extensions available in as many languages as possible. Reach out to the team on the #typo3-localization-team Slack channel.

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