TYPO3 Agency Meetup Days 2015 – A report on the Paris meeting

Categories: Community, Marketing created by Naike Schulthess
Another successful and inspiring TYPO3 Agency Meetup Day (T3AMD) has taken place on October 1st in the French capital.


Eight agencies have met with marketing team members (Patrick Lobacher and Alain Veuve), with TYPO3 Association's representatives (Olivier Dobberkau and Naike Schulthess), and with Benni Mack from the TYPO3 CMS core team. With a total of 18, the group filled the meeting room with great ideas.

The Agenda

1. Introductions

Just like any other event, the French T3AMD has started with a general introduction on the event, of the participants, and of the agencies they represent.

2. One-year retrospective

Alain Veuve presented to the participants what has been done during the last year, with a clear focus on solving the "management and technical debts" that have been clearly underlined during the last edition of the TYPO3 Agency Meetup Days. 

3. Marketing Material

Patrick Lobacher has presented the development done within the marketing team since the beginning of 2015. While the excitement for official TYPO3 marketing material is there, each region feels the strong need of having it translated into local languages. The agencies agreed to join forces and collaborate on this. Patrick has also invited them to join the future marketing sprints.

4. A look into the future

This section of the agenda has been shaped in form of a workshop. Each participant could write down a list of things he or she expected from the TYPO3 Marketing Team. To name few of the expressed wishes and ideas: the introduction of giveaways, a comparison of TYPO3 to other CMSs from an official voice, the introduction of newsletters for agencies with a marketing and sales-force focus, a stronger presence at open source or CMS related larger events.


Benni Mack has presented TYPO3 CMS 7 to the participants, explaining what the taken path has been like and where the CMS is going. This is also a unique opportunity for the core team to collect feedback and ideas from different markets. There is a lot excitement and at each T3AMD one can breathe a new wave of optimism, which is positively contagious.