Three Days of Inspo at Web Camp Venlo

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“We look forward to welcoming participants from all over Europe for three days of inspiration and innovation,” says camp-organizer Edward Lenssen.
Web Camp Venlo: The meeting place for software developers and experts with a focus on open source. Three days packed with workshops, knowledge sessions, and international networking about open source software.

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Software developers can look ahead to this year's Web Camp Venlo from 29 February to 2 March, 2024. The international event, held in Venlo, Domani, a beautiful old monastery church, promises to be a fascinating and educational experience for everyone involved in software development - especially around open source software.

Web Camp Venlo is in its 9th year. The event brings together industry professionals to network, share knowledge and discuss the latest software developments.

As in previous years, the Web Camp will start on Thursday with hands-on workshops from renowned trainers such as Matthias Noback, Tonnie Tielens, Adam Marcinkowski, and Łukasz Uznanski. After the workshops, the participants will know everything about Advanced Application Architecture, Code smells and refactoring and the introduction of TYPO3 headless in combination with Vue.js frontend.

On Friday there is an extensive program from various European experts. Carlijn Compen, Vice President of Software Development Canon Production Printing (CPP), will emphasize the importance of the human touch in software development in her keynote. She’ll share insights about the organization of software development within CPP, with the aim of creating optimal value for both customers and the internal organization. Compen, with a background in industrial design, emphasizes the importance of a user-oriented approach in high-tech research and development.

Further highlights of the program:

  • The current state of TYPO3: Facts, figures, and prospects for 2024 - Luisa Faßbender, Daniel Fau, Stefan Bürk.
  • The current state of TYPO3 V13 - technical insights by Stefan Bürk.
  • The use of AI for easier management of complex websites with TYPO3 - Boris Hinzer, Thomas Schöne and André Kraus
  • From innovation to global positive change with open source - Jeffrey A. "jam" McGuire and Mathias Bolt Lesniak
  • Domain Driven Design - Stefan Koopmanschap
  • The latest computer virus called burnout - Jeroen Baten
  • Keycloak - More control over your users and user rights with Identity and Access Management - Annemieke Staal
  • Learn more about guidelines and components of the NL design system - Robbert Broersma
  • More about the powerful open source business platform Odoo (CMS ERP CRM) and AI integration - Bart Stelder

On Saturday there is the classic bar camp, where attendees actively put together the program and inspiration sessions on site.

“Web Camp Venlo is a unique opportunity for industry professionals to meet each other, exchange ideas and delve into the latest developments within the TYPO3 open source ecosystem,” says Edward Lenssen, organizer of the event. “We look forward to welcoming participants from all over Europe for three days of inspiration and innovation.”

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The Web Camp Venlo takes place from 29 February to 2 March in Domani, Venlo, the Netherlands. For more information about the event, including the full program and registration details, visit the official website.

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