This Month in TYPO3 — May 2018 — Issue #1

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As announced a couple of days ago this is the first issue of our new series “This Month in TYPO3” which will be published at the end of each month. Since this is the first issue we’d like to hear your feedback. Please use the discussion section at the end of this issue.

Please bear with us if there are some topics in this article that are not directly associated with the last month's activities, but we thought they might be interesting anyway.

Table of Contents

  • TYPO3 Core
    • Release of TYPO3 8.7.13 and 7.6.27
    • Release of TYPO3 9.2.0
    • State of TYPO3 URL handling
    • Multi Site capabilities of TYPO3
  • TYPO3 Association and TYPO3 Company
    • General Assembly of the TYPO3 Association in Essen
    • Introducing the TYPO3 Communication Coordination Committee
    • French version of
  • Events
    • Recap of the TYPO3 User Experience Week T3UXW
    • CertFUNcation
    • Videos of TYPO3camp Venlo
  • Development
    • Strategic development initiatives
    • Local TYPO3 development with DDEV
    • TYPO3 on AWS
  • TYPO3 Ecosystem & Community
    • Relaunch of
    • Medium-sized businesses rely on TYPO3
    • English Version of TYPO3 Video Training
    • TYPO3 performance blog post series
  • Extensions
    • Debug bar
    • News
    • Shariff extension

TYPO3 Core

On 10 April, TYPO3 9.2 was released. It’s another milestone release on the way to the next LTS release scheduled for October 2018. Key highlights of this release are the new site configuration module, PSR-15 middleware for backend and frontend, improved security with a configurable var/ directory and the beginning of an overhaul of the Admin Panel. For editors, a new configurable “Duplicate” button for any type or record was introduced. As always, the core team relies on your feedback about the new features! Read more

TYPO3 8.7.13 and 7.6.27 were released on 17 April. Both releases are bugfix releases. Read more

Already in the beginning of April, Benni Mack published an interesting article on the State of TYPO3 URL handling. It is one of the most wanted functionality to be integrated into the TYPO3 core. Benni explains what has happened so far, and what the core team is working on next. Read more

Since the multi-site features of TYPO3 are have been there for a long time, we often tend to forget that this is one of the unique selling points of TYPO3. Jeffrey A. “Jam” McGuire wrote a brief introduction to this major feature of TYPO3. Read more

TYPO3 Association and TYPO3 Company

On 11 April, the General Assembly (GA) took place in Essen, Germany. The day started with a team leader workshop, moderated by Mathias Bolt Lesniak. In the afternoon, the actual GA took place with a change of the by-laws and elections. Read more

The TYPO3 Company and Association will coordinate their communication and marketing through a unified workflow and production pipeline, enabling the creation of more and better content from more authors in more channels. For that purpose, the TYPO3 Communication Coordination Committee was established. Read more

The TYPO3 France Committee has migrated the website to the official international website. TYPO3 French fans will now benefit from up-to-date information in French. Read more


The TYPO3 User Experience Week (T3UXW) is a part of our effort to continuously improve the usability of TYPO3. The event was again organized with a lot of passion by Petra Hasenau and enabled 30 participants from 6 countries to work full-time in Festenburg, Upper Harz, Germany, from 15 to 22 April. Results vary from already merged or pending patches, through refined concepts and storyboards, to collections of ideas for future development. Read more

The next CertFUNcation Day will take place 13 July in Phantasialand near Cologne, Germany. As in the last years, this day is a great opportunity to prolong your already existing TYPO3 certificates for another 12 months or to take new certifications. And of course you can have a lot of fun in the theme park! Read more

The international TYPO3camp in Venlo, Netherlands took place in March. The videos of the sessions were been published by the end of April. Read more


Over the last weeks, a lot of strategic development initiatives have been initiated. An initiative consists of people with a common interest to make long-term improvements in a specific area in TYPO3 including strategic plans, goals, task-breakdown and monitoring of progress.
Search Engine Optimization is important for every website. The goal of this initiative is to make TYPO3 out-of-the-box as SEO-friendly as possible. For developers and editors! 
The GDPR Initiative aims to make the TYPO3 core itself ready for the GDPR and to provide clients, agencies and integrators with tools to optimize their own extensions to comply with the privacy laws.
TYPO3 should support “speaking urls” / “routes” out of the box without the necessity of using a third-party extension like RealURL or CoolURI. Additionally there should be an API to generate links to routes independent of the current context (for example frontend vs. backend link generation). Read more

Not exactly a news from the past month, but nevertheless a noteworthy thing, is DDEV, built by DRUD Technology LLC. DDEV is a fast, robust, and fully open source, container-based local development environment. Once you have DDEV installed, you can spin up a new TYPO3 site on your local workstation in a matter of moments. Now you can switch contexts and projects quickly and easily, and all without long spin-up times or hogging your system resources. The development is backed by the TYPO3 Company. Read more

TYPO3 works very well with different cloud hosting providers. The integration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) was provided by Michael Schams a couple of years ago. There are several machine images available with TYPO3 CMS pre-installed. Read more

TYPO3 Ecosystem & Community

The relaunch team kept their promise and relaunched the main website of the TYPO3 project on time on 11 April, after yet another sprint, held in parallel to the meeting of the Board and EAB of the TYPO3 Association. This is again a huge community effort, mainly driven by Thomas Löffler and Stefan Busemann. Read more

Frankfurt-based TYPO3 agency d.k.d. has examined over 3,500 websites of medium-sized companies in the Rhine-Main area of Germany about which Content Management Systems were used. The surprising result was that nearly 42% of the URLs analyzed use TYPO3. Read more

Wolfgang Wagner, who published a successful TYPO3 8 video training in German, is currently working on the English translation. With help from a lot of community members, the translation made good progress in recent  weeks. Read more

Marcus Schwemer has started a blog post series about performance improvements for TYPO3 and extensions. The latest article covers extension development. Read more


The Debug Bar extension (typo3_debugbar) by Stefan Kowalke is a great help to debug TYPO3 and extensions during the development phase. It has a lot of builtin collectors, e.g. to show all queries, including timing and the values of prepared statements or TYPO3 version, Locale and Environment. Read more

Georg Ringer has published version 7 of the News extension which has now been migrated to Doctrine DBAL and this requires TYPO3 8. TYPO3 9 is also supported! Read more

Markus Klein has updated the Shariff extension (rx_shariff) to version 11 with Bootstrap v4 compatibility, less PHP code, a Security fix and more. Shariff enables website users to share their favorite content without compromising their privacy. Read more


That’s it for this month! We are very interested in your feedback. Please leave your comments below, either if you like it or have suggestions on how to improve this new article series.

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