TYPO3 Core Development - Strategic Initiatives

An “initiative” consists of people with a common interest to make long-term improvements in a specific area of TYPO3 including strategic plans, goals, task-breakdown and monitoring of progress. These initiatives might also span over multiple versions like v9 & v10 - but it’s important to keep the focus on achieving and coming closer to the defined goals.

Form Framework Initiative

The main goal of the ext:form initiative is to continuously provide a state of the art form editor in TYPO3. 

Form Framework Initiative

GDPR Initiative

The GDPR Initiative aims to make the TYPO3 core itself ready for the GDPR and to provide clients, agencies and integrators with tools to optimize their own extensions to comply with the privacy laws.

GDPR Initiative

Your Initiative?

Are you interested in starting your own initiative?  Have an idea for a bigger project? Find likeminded people on slack, get together and start your own!

Slack Channel #typo3-cms-coredev

SEO Initiative

Search Engine Optimization is important for every website. The goal of this initiative is to make TYPO3 out-of-the-box as SEO-friendly as possible. For developers and editors!

TYPO3 SEO Initiative

Datahandler & Persistence

The main goal of the first part of the persistence initiative is cleaning up the existing data handling layers in TYPO3 and providing a unified persistence layer for use in all contexts and by extension developers and the core alike.

Persistence Initiative

Accessibility Initiative

Raise awareness about accessibility. Provide tools which will help everybody, involved in building websites with TYPO3, to make websites fully accessible. Have an accessible TYPO3 backend.

Accessibility Initiative

Admin Panel

The goal of this initiative is to refactor the Admin Panel, add a new API, re-design it and add new functionality.

Admin Panel Initiative

Routing Initiative

TYPO3 should support “speaking urls” / “routes” out of the box without the necessity of using a third-party extension like RealURL or CoolURI. Additionally there should be an API to generate links to routes independent of the current context (for example frontend vs. backend link generation).

Routing Initiative

PSR-15 / PSR-7

The goal of this initiative is to provide consistent PSR-15 (HTTP Server Request Handlers) and PSR-7 (HTTP message interfaces) support throughout the whole TYPO3 Core.

PSR-15 / PSR-7 Initiative