Introducing the TYPO3 Communication Coordination Committee

Categories: Association Created by Mathias Bolt Lesniak
Starting today, the TYPO3 Company and Association will coordinate their communication and marketing through a unified workflow and production pipeline, enabling the creation of more and better content from more authors in more channels.

The Association, Company, and community should work as one to promote TYPO3, and the Communication Coordination Committee (or T3C3) is here to facilitate creation and distribution of content for the TYPO3 community as a whole.

If you have previously published news at, you may lose your immediate access to do so, but the committee and our process are not here to get in your way.

Publishing More and Better, Helping Everyone

The committee’s job is to say “yes!” and help you get your content idea realised and published where it will be most effective for our community. The T3C3 will help coordinate publication across our community websites, social media, and other places online, suggesting timing, formats, and publishing destinations.

Important news will receive the priority it deserves and you may find out that your next article gets published at and LinkedIn, instead of “just” our beloved community home.

Authors will be offered editorial review and writing help, and your article will be proofread and scheduled for publication at times and in channels that will give it best effect. Even if you are no writer or native English speaker, you will be given the help you need to answer important questions and define the points you would like to get across. A better writer will help you make a great article out of it.

Important community stakeholders, such as the Core Team and Education Committee will be represented directly in the committee. Others can, of course, reach out to the T3C3 for our help at any time.

Cooperation with Open Strategy Partners

The TYPO3 Association is now joining the TYPO3 Company in their strategic partnership collaboration with open source-evangelist communication agency OSP, Open Strategy Partners. Tracy Evans and Jam McGuire from OSP will help the T3C3 with coordination and planning. They will also create so-called enablement materials, like article templates and how-tos that will make content production easier for everyone.

Want to Publish Something?

This is the workflow we will be trying out:

  1. Need to communicate something? Want to publish an article? Announce or report back on an event? Propose something new? Whatever it may be, get in touch with the T3C3 at marketing(at)
  2. The T3C3 will help you clarify important details like:
    1. Who owns the message? Is it the TYPO3 Company or Association, a team or an individual?
    2. What help and resources do you need? Editorial guidance, assistance, or maybe just proofreading? Who should be involved?
    3. What priority should it have?
    4. What media channels are best suited for its distribution?
    5. How can we get the most out of it? Can we make any “spin-offs” like  marketing materials, videos, talks at events, or follow-up articles?
  3. The T3C3 sets up a publication timeline and helps coordinate the production-to-publishing workflow, including, assigning resources and keeping relevant stakeholder groups (such as Marketing, Content, and Social Media) in the loop, helping overcome any blocks or hurdles that may be encountered. These groups can then make their own plans and assign their own resources.

Who Will be Part of the T3C3?

One representative from each of these bodies will be part of the TYPO3 Communication Coordination Committee:

  • The TYPO3 Association Board
  • The TYPO3 Company (TYPO3 GmbH)
  • The Core Team
  • The Education & Certification Committee
  • The Marketing Team
  • The Content Group (previously the Communication Group)
  • OSP, Open Strategy Partners (external advisor)