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The TYPO3 France Committee has migrated the website to the official international website. TYPO3 French fans will now benefit from up-to-date information in French.

[English translated version of the article published on web site by the TYPO3 France Committee]

The TYPO3 France website is getting a new look!

It's been a long time that we’ve talked about it -- it’s done! The TYPO3 France website has migrated to the official international website French TYPO3 fans will now benefit from up-to-date information in French, so that they can always keep up to date with the latest news on their favorite CMS.

The work began in summer 2017, at the TYPO3Camp Nantes, where a small group worked on the translation of the main pages of the site during a first morning. We therefore warmly thank Annie Dumont, Philippe COURT, Renan Gautier, Xavier Ley, and Romain Canon for helping the TYPO3 France committee :)

All about TYPO3

Of course, the site is the reference for all the technical information for TYPO3 CMS. The site therefore aims to gather all the information that is not technical: the strong points of the CMS, the association TYPO3, the history of TYPO3, the company TYPO3 Inc., etc.
There is also very important information that is not yet well known by TYPO3 users in France, that is all the services that are offered by TYPO3, and they are very numerous! So above all, do not hesitate to explore the section "Services" which will explain to you in detail:

  • that you can send your junior to do an internship with the best TYPO3 developers!
  • that TYPO3 offers SLAs
  • that TYPO3 agencies can become a partner
  • and many other novelties ...

Find a TYPO3 agency in France

Directory of French agencies

The former TYPO3 France website still partially exists to provide the directory of TYPO3 French agencies. This directory was previously only reserved for agencies that met a fairly strict list of prerequisites. We decided to expand the directory to the largest number, to allow our customers to have a maximum of choice.
If you think your agency may be listed, fill out the registration form on the site.

TYPO3 partner agencies directory

A TYPO3 agency is good, a partner TYPO3 agency is even better! Partner agencies are categorized into different tiers, based on criteria such as the number of certified developers or their involvement in the TYPO3 community. To find a TYPO3 partner agency, go to the "Find a TYPO3 partner" page. If you are a TYPO3 agency and you think that the partnership program might interest you, go to the "Become an official partner of TYPO3.”

TYPO3 News in French

We have chosen to import only some recent news in the new site, and for those who want to find old news from TYPO3 France, we left the news archive of the old site. For new news, it's in the new blog as it happens!
You participated in a TYPO3 event and want to share your feedback? You want to talk about one of the many topics related to TYPO3 in an article? Have you translated into French an important article about TYPO3? Are you organizing an event that could interest the TYPO3 community? Do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to put your articles online!

The TYPO3 France Committee

(Translated by the T3A Content Group)