The Only German at the TYPO3 Camp France

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Shrink-wrapped smoked salmon with text: "TYPO3Camp Nantes merci les sponsores!"
Photo: Alain le Tante
The TYPO3 Camp Nantes was held on 6–8 October, 2023. It was my first time attending this camp and I was the only German participant. It was the smallest TYPO3 Camp I have ever been to — with about 25 participants — and it had the highest red wine-to-beer ratio of any camp that I have attended!

I was very happy that I had a good deal of French. I learned it at school and I also speak it from time to time because I live close to the border. However, while I found that I usually understood what was being said, I discovered that speaking was another matter. So I listened to talks in French and used English for my questions and remarks.

I presented two talks in English, Little Gems in TYPO3 v12 and How to create partially automated project documentation with phpDocumentor, which were both well received.

For such a small camp, TYPO3 Camp Nantes had some really interesting talks. I especially remember the talk by Rémy Daniel, Développer avec l'aide de Xdebug. Even though I have used Xdebug for many years, he was able to give new insights.

I also loved Les mystères de TYPO3, also presented by Rémy. This was a TYPO3-themed quiz where the symptoms were described and you had to guess what the problem was. The first one to guess correctly received an item of TYPO3 merchandise. I listened to the quiz in French and made my remarks in English once more and won an orange TYPO3 pen (to add to my collection).

We stayed in Clisson, near Nantes. Unfortunately, I did not make it to Nantes but Clisson is very beautiful. From my hotel balcony I looked at a beautiful river and an old castle.

In the evenings there was a barbeque and some delicacies that Alain prepared himself. Some were excellent, but others were a bit strange to my German taste. Alain offered home-smoked salmon that he smokes himself and I have never eaten a better salmon in my life! Also the ratatouille was very good.

Unfortunately, I was restricted by time pressures so I missed the Friday trip to the Nantes Vineyard, home of the international rock music festival, Hellfest. Next year I am going again and will make sure I have the time for sightseeing as well!

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