T3BOARD 2016: the planning is on.

Categories: Community Created by Adrian Zimmermann
A message to the TYPO3 snowboarders and skiers from the organizers of T3BOARD16.
As you may know, some of us have been dreaming and 'joking' for several years now on the idea of bringing T3BOARD, the TYPO3 event for snowboarders and skiers, to Canada - where powder is another thing than in Europe and where skiing and snowboarding have different standings. Take the Whistler-Blackcomb resort for example, where only a few pistes are prepared after snowfall and where most of the slopes are just powdered and you can rock them the whole day (yes the whole day, cause the Whistler area is just so big!) without taking the risk of going off-piste. WE WANT THIS DREAM TO COME TRUE FOR THE 15TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE T3BOARD AND FOR AN AFFORDABLE PRICE! Right after the T3BOARD15 a survey has been sent out to the particpants to ask them if they would fly to Canada for the event in 2016. 12 out of 26 respondents have said yes, the other 14 said they would rather stay in Europe. So Adrian and Steffan, the organizers of this amazing meet-up, have proposed a deal: an incredible picturesque house in Whistler (near Vancouver) with all you can imagine; hot pot, fireplace, billard, perfect surroundings and and and... A slot has been reserverd from February 20 until February 29. There are 24 beds and the organizers are positive they will fill them all. The price for the house, including cleaning, damage insurance (will be paid back if all the participants behave) is about 10'232 (14'230.00 CDN) Euro. This means that 9 nights for one person will cost about 426 Euro: this is a great price! The group can use the house's kitchen and meals can be cooked together, so everyone can get their fresh pancakes in the morning. The recommended skipass is valid for 8 days at your choice within a set period of 9 days, for 480 Euro. If you then feel like taking the helicopter one day, going on a snow-mobile tour, or visiting the vancouver Canucks play the world's best hockey, you can for sure do that. Check out the amazing offers in Whistler: <link http: www.whistler.com winter _blank>www.whistler.com/winter/ <link http: www.whistler.com activities winter _blank>www.whistler.com/activities/winter/ <link http: www.whistler.com activities snowmobiling _blank>www.whistler.com/activities/snowmobiling/ Besides the great experience on the slopes, this is also a good chance to get in contact with the North American community.  The T3BOARD enthusiasts who won't be able to join the T3BOARD16CA could do perhaps a cosy T3BOARD16EU at the same time, that would be great. If you are interested in organizing the European event, get in touch with Adrian. To sum it up: this 15th T3BOARD16CA will be an unforgettable experience which you should definately NOT miss! Think about it, get in touch with Adrian via adrian(at)typo3.org if you have questions, or sign up already. And remember, places are limited to 24, those that pay first their share of the house are in. Spread the word!