Status Update on the Asynchronous Image Rendering Initiative for TYPO3

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Łukasz Uznański describes the newly implemented solution designed to improve page load times and SEO performance.

We're excited to announce significant progress in our initiative to enhance image rendering capabilities on the TYPO3 frontend. Following extensive research and community discussions, we decided to implement Option 3: Generate Final URLs for Images Without Processing During Page Rendering from our technical document.

Solution Details and Benefits

This solution has been implemented (currently in experimental state) and is now publicly available on GitHub. It addresses critical concerns related to caching and SEO, ensuring that while image processing is deferred, the final URLs for processed images are generated and included in page content. This system cleverly avoids slowing down the page rendering process by deferring the actual image processing until the image is explicitly requested. When an image is requested and not found, the server redirects this request to be handled efficiently by middleware.

The implementation can be accessed and reviewed by the TYPO3 community or any interested parties in the GitHub repository Deferred Image Processing on TYPO3.

Share Your Feedback

This step marks a crucial milestone in our project, allowing for improved page load times without compromising on SEO and user experience. We encourage developers, TYPO3 administrators, and the community to test, provide feedback, and contribute to the ongoing development of this solution. Your input will be invaluable as we plan to refine this implementation further.

Join Us in Continuous Improvement

We're committed to continuous improvement and eagerly anticipate your suggestions and contributions to make TYPO3 even more robust and user-friendly. Please visit our GitHub repository to explore the code, contribute through pull requests, or open issues for any bugs or enhancements you identify.

A Big Thank You

Thank you to everyone involved for your support and collaboration in reaching this stage. We look forward to seeing how this new feature enhances your TYPO3 projects and workflow.

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