Report from the Team 2020—Part 2

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A special year comes to an end. The Team can look back on a good year, as many projects and tasks were completed, even though there was only one in-person Team Sprint.

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The T3O Remote Day

In June we introduced our first T3O Remote Day. Every 15th of the month we meet virtually and work on tasks for our websites. After our last one, on December 15, we could count a total of 11 contributors and many accomplishments on those 7 days. We will definitely have T3O Remote Days in 2021 as well.

One In-Person and One Virtual Sprint Over a Few Days

Shortly before the first Covid-19 lockdown in Germany and Switzerland there was a Team Sprint in Zürich, together with the Server Team. All the participants from Germany had to go into self-quarantine after that sprint.

Full of optimism, we planned another in-person sprint in November, at TYPO3 GmbH in Düsseldorf, but the Covid-19 numbers forced us to switch to a virtual one. We worked three days on different tasks, and it was one of the most productive sprints we can remember.


The year-long project moved to the TYPO3 GmbH. They have more resources to build a platform with interfaces to the important systems like the official TYPO3 Shop and the memberships. The move brought many improvements and it’s good to see the progress.


Work on our main website mainly happened under the hood. With an upgrade to TYPO3 v10 LTS one week after the new version’s release, we sent a message to the community that it’s not difficult to upgrade quickly. 

Big applause for all the Core contributors, who made it so easy for us.

With the new TYPO3 feature area and the upcoming Planet TYPO3 section we’re working hard on improvements that you’ll see live soon.

Most changes happened to our beloved TYPO3 Extension Repository. After refactoring the SOAP interface, which was coded a decade ago, we implemented a new interface for managing our extension keys and uploading new extension versions. Big applause to Benni Mack and Oliver Bartsch for implementing and testing it.

Also, we now show the CrowdIn localization status of extensions on the detail pages. Big applause to Georg Ringer and Johannes Kasberger.


We are happy to announce that we have a newcomer. Simon Gilli, lone maintainer of, joined the T3O Team. Welcome, Simon!

Big Thanks to All Contributors from July 1 to December 31

(In alphabetical order)

  • Oliver Bartsch
  • Martin Binder
  • Mathias Brodala
  • Stefan Busemann
  • Olivier Dobberkau
  • Stefan Frömken
  • Stefan Galinski
  • Simon Gilli
  • Jonas Götze
  • Thorsten Griebenow
  • Stephan Großberndt
  • Oliver Hader
  • Torben Hansen
  • Gerrit Hübbers
  • Nikita Hovratov
  • Markus Klein
  • Christian Knauf
  • Daniel Koether
  • Peter Kraume
  • Mathias Bolt Lesniak
  • Thomas Löffler
  • Benni Mack
  • Tomas Norre Mikkelsen
  • Chris Müller
  • Frank Nägler
  • Alexander Nitsche
  • Alex Nostadt
  • Sybille Peters
  • Georg Ringer
  • Christof Rodejohann
  • Boris Schauer
  • Johannes Schlier
  • Olaf Schmidt-Wischhöfer
  • Daniel Siepmann
  • David Steeb
  • Matthias Stegmann
  • Andri Steiner
  • Michael Stucki
  • Markus Süss
  • Michael Telgkamp
  • Gabe Troyan
  • Jochen Weiland
  • Jakob Widhalm
  • Manuel Winkelhofer
  • Andreas Wolf

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