Full Power Ahead – A Recap of the first TYPO3 Marketing Team Sprint in 2024

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In the heart of Düsseldorf, at the TYPO3 GmbH Headquarters, the TYPO3 Marketing Team convened for their first in-person sprint of the year from 6 - 7 February, 2024. After a quick round of coffee and introduction, we dove headfirst into two days of intense collaboration, innovation, and networking.

Addressing Market and Agency Needs

The sprint kicked off with a laser focus on analyzing the results of the Sales Enablement Survey, which was conducted at the end of 2023. The survey was a crucial and long-overdue step in understanding market needs as well as customer and agency preferences. Over the first 1.5 days, the team meticulously dissected the data from 43 survey participants and crafted the first tangible presentations, highlighting the key features of TYPO3 in the sales context. While we originally planned for well-crafted drafts as the outcome of this part, we actually succeeded in our own expectations and created beautiful, ready-to-publish results in no time. A true testament to everyone's dedication and expertise in bridging the gap between product capabilities, project communication and customer requirements. All results are going to be published in a downloadable manner on typo3.com for everyone to use.

But the sprint wasn't just about crunching numbers; it was also planned as a breeding ground for creativity. A big collection of further content ideas sprouted from discussions around the various features, promising a treasure trove of engaging material to captivate audiences and drive conversions. So stay tuned for that!

TYPO3 v13 Storyline

After an intense and insanely productive first day, we shifted gears, dedicating the remaining half-day of the sprint to crafting the storyline, graphics, and slogans for the upcoming v13 LTS release scheduled for 15 October, 2024. As most of you have probably seen in the v13.0 sprint release, our heroes Ty Power, Threeternia and Sudden Dev we introduced in v12 LTS are now ready for some much needed fun in the sun ;-) 

TYPO3 Veterans & Newbies United – The Power of Perspective

Besides all the brainstorming, there was also plenty of time for networking and building connections between the attendees. I’m happy to report that we welcomed a plethora of new faces consisting of TYPO3 veterans as well as several TYPO3 newbies, resulting in fresh perspectives and a boost of motivational energy into our team dynamics. It was a testament to TYPO3's growing community and the inclusive spirit that defines the project. In another remarkable milestone, this sprint marked the biggest gathering of the marketing team in the past five years. The sheer scale of participation underscored the team's commitment to driving TYPO3's growth and success in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

As the curtains drew on the TYPO3 Marketing Team Sprint 2024, the echoes of collaboration and innovation lingered in the air. With renewed motivation and a wealth of new ideas, we are now eager to march forward, elevating TYPO3 to greater heights in the months to come.

A heartfelt “Thank You” to all participants:

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