Calling All TYPO3 Enthusiasts: Share Your Sales Experiences!

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The TYPO3 Marketing Team wants to hear about your TYPO3 sales experiences. We need the insights of the community to create the best possible sales enablement materials during our sprint in February 2024.

The need for official sales enablement materials for TYPO3 have been raised multiple times. With a Marketing Team bigger and better staffed than ever before, we want to tackle this topic and create what you have been asking for. For that purpose, we are going to focus an entire day during our sprint on the topic. And that’s where you come in …

We have a special request: Please tell us about your experiences with TYPO3 in the sales domain. Whether you've triumphed in sealing a deal, faced challenges that turned into opportunities, or learned valuable lessons along the way — your experiences matter and can contribute to the TYPO3 community’s collective knowledge.

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Why Your Input Matters

  1. Diverse Perspectives: Every user has a unique journey with TYPO3. Your experiences can shed light on aspects others might not have encountered.
  2. Real-World Insights: Your sales experiences provide a real-world context for practical advice and solutions.
  3. Community Collaboration: By sharing your experiences, you're actively participating in the growth and success of the TYPO3 community. Your insights can benefit both newcomers and seasoned professionals alike.

How Can You Contribute?

We have created a brief survey where you can share your sales experiences with TYPO3. It's a quick and easy way to make your voice heard and contribute to the collective knowledge of our community.

What We're Looking For

  • Successful sales strategies
  • Challenges you have overcome
  • Tips for effective communication with clients
  • Lessons learned

Privacy and Security

Rest assured, your responses will be kept confidential, and we're committed to respecting your privacy. We're interested in the insights and lessons, not the specific details of individual transactions.

Spread the Word

Feel free to share this post within your networks. Please encourage others to share their experiences as well. The more perspectives we gather, the better sales enablement and marketing materials you’ll get back.

Thank you in advance for being an active part of the TYPO3 community. Your input is invaluable. Together we make TYPO3 even better for everyone.

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Since you made it all the way down here, you must have a special interest in marketing TYPO3! We’d love to welcome you to our in-person sprint in Düsseldorf 6–7 February 2024.

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