Now in Effect: the New Code of Conduct

Categories: Community, Association, TYPO3 CMS Created by Mathias Bolt Lesniak , Oliver Klee , Petra Hasenau and Thomas Löffler
Code of conduct text on yellow background overlaid with fireworks.
The community vote concluded with 71 votes for and 4 votes against. The proposal has been approved and the new Code of Conduct for the TYPO3 community is in effect.

The Code of Conduct now applies to all persons present at or in the following:

  • Official TYPO3 events
  • Official TYPO3 community events (e.g. team sprints)
  • Official TYPO3 communication platforms (e.g. Slack)
  • Interaction between community members
  • Other events that explicitly declare that the Code of Conduct applies.
  • This also includes sponsors, speakers, and staff at events.

Read the Code of Conduct

Please remember that you can always contact the TYPO3 ombudspersons on ombudsperson(at) if you have questions or would like to report a possible code of conduct violation.

What Happens Next

The code of conduct taking effect is only the beginning. Here are some of the things that will happen over the next days, weeks, and months:

  • The official TYPO3 platforms and websites will be updated with a link to the code of conduct.
  • An incident response team will be set up within the Ombudsperson Group.
  • The Ombudsperson Group will be expanded with new members appointed by the TYPO3 Association Board.
  • A definition of measures the incident response team can impose for code of conduct violations will be published by the TYPO3 Association Board.