Introducing the TYPO3 Initiative Week (T3INIT19)

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One week, 30 people - coming together to shape the future of TYPO3 - the TYPO3 Initiative Week

T3INIT19 - The TYPO3 Initiative Week

As recent news announced, further development of TYPO3 CMS will focus on development through initiatives. Initiatives consist of independently working teams, driving a specific research area or improvement forward. With initiatives it’s possible to simultaneously handle the development of several bigger topics spreading contribution over more people and therefor relieving the burden on mergers. Framework and component mergers as well as the strategy group have the task of coordinating and mentoring the development. Initiative topics will overlap and initiatives might profit from exchange between the teams. While the strategy group will foster this kind of exchanging in an ongoing effort, we decided to introduce a dedicated event, too: The TYPO3 Initiative Week - T3INIT19.

The TYPO3 Initiative Week is a 7 day full-time event for active members of initiatives. For one week participants will come together in one location to exchange ideas, work diligently on pushing the product forward and have fun together away from the demands of daily business.

When and where?

T3INIT19 will take place from 20. - 27. October 2019 in Festenburg, Harz, Germany - the location known for the last T3UXW events. It’s organised by Petra Hasenau together with the TYPO3 Strategy group.

What about T3UXW?

We are changing the format of the User Experience Week into more focussed and smaller UX Sprints organised by the project UX lead, to ensure better integration with the current development schedule and coordination between our UX experts. If you are interested in working on UX topics, please contact Benjamin Kott directly or join a fitting initiative.

Get even more info on our event website: