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Start spreading the news and guide agencies all the way from hearing about TYPO3 for the first time to delivering their first client website. The Collaborative Communication, Marketing, and Onboarding (CoCoMOn) project is here!

The TYPO3 Association has granted €78,500 to a special project, rolling 13 project ideas into one. The goal is to grow TYPO3 outside of Central Europe by attracting, onboarding, and training new agencies. 

The marketing and education toolkit that is produced by CoCoMOn will be open source and fully reusable, so even though the project’s focus will initially be on a few international regions, it can be repeated anywhere. (We will publish more information about the reuse possibilities in a separate article.)

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From Initial Awareness to TYPO3 Adoption

The project is split into groups that will produce deliverables within a five-step marketing funnel. Each step responds to a particular need depending on how well acquainted you have become with TYPO3, naturally leading you to the next step.

  1. Awareness: Creating awareness about TYPO3 through marketing and direct outreach.
  2. Interest: Answer the question “What is TYPO3?”.
  3. Evaluation: Demonstrate what TYPO3 can do and the values it can deliver.
  4. Trial: Make it possible to try out TYPO3 in your agency.
  5. Adoption: The things you need to be successful when using TYPO3 in your agency.

We won’t reinvent the wheel, but we will use or expand existing resources where possible. An important objective is to fill in the blanks and create a holistic, unimpeded journey from Awareness to Adoption. The TYPO3 Guidebook will be a starting point for much of what we will do, and has a central place in the Trial phase of the funnel.

Groups and Deliverables

Five groups will focus on planning, strategy, and deliverables within their area. It is early days and the plans are, of course, subject to change—but what are the groups and their aim?

On-Stage and In-Person

Group leader: Danel Homorodean

The group deals with presentations, slides, and talking points you’ll need when presenting TYPO3 at events and in meetings.

The group’s ambitious plans cover establishing contact with governments, chambers of commerce, and outreach to agencies from Kyrgyzstan to Costa Rica. During March 2021, they will work on planning and create a list of relevant events.

Major Deliverables Related To:

  • Awareness
    • Presenting TYPO3 at international conferences
    • Presenting TYPO3 to government agencies

Content Marketing and Advertising

Group leader: Anna Sandahl

Active early in the funnel, this group is creating a strategy for creating awareness of TYPO3 through content and advertising.

Most of the group’s budget will go to advertising. There is a lot of pre-written content available that can be adapted, but some new content might need to be produced as well. The plan is to have a strategy and time plan complete in April 2021.

Major Deliverables Related To:

  • Awareness
    • Advertisement in social media
    • Display banners in tech and marketing magazines
    • Blog articles (exposure) in external media
  • Interest
    • Content marketing in social media

The group will make use of landing pages that are being created on by the TYPO3 Company.


Group leaders: Jeffrey A. “Jam” McGuire and Luisa Faßbender

The group is planning to deliver focused and valuable deliverables: Eight videos that explain core concepts of TYPO3 CMS and its ecosystem, as well as corresponding slide decks. 

The videos will be based on existing content, for example summarizing chapters from the TYPO3 Guidebook. The slide decks can be used with the videos or independently by a presenter to describe how TYPO3 deals with web publishing. All videos will be produced in collaboration with TYPO3 GmbH.

The goal is to have everything mapped out by the end of the second quarter of 2021. Deliverables should be ready by the beginning of the conference season in September.

Major Deliverables Related To:

  • Interest
    • Videos demonstrating core TYPO3 features and USPs
  • Evaluation
    • Webinar/presentation packages about TYPO3

Mentoring and Follow-Up

Group leader: Carlos Llanos

This group’s focus is to help individuals learn and engage with TYPO3. The group will work with “rookie” developers from agencies interested in TYPO3 and aims to set up a group that can help answer beginner’s questions about the CMS, the Association and the community.

It is natural for this group to have a close collaboration with the TYPO3 Mentorship Program. You should expect to see results of this group’s work by the TYPO3 v11 release in October 2021.

Major Deliverables Related To:

  • Adoption
    • International Mentorship Program
    • Adopt a TYPO3 rookie

Education Toolkit and Follow-Up

Group leader: Robert Lindh

Dealing with entire agency organizations, rather than just individuals. This group will make it easier for agencies to start working with TYPO3. They will educate the entire organization (developers, project managers, sales, and marketing).

The group is planning to provide templates, pre-made courses, and slide decks for sales people. They are talking with SkillDisplay and the TYPO3 Micro Certifications project about a skill-building path.

Major Deliverables Related To:

  • Adoption
    • To-do list for building internal marketing and expertise
    • Templates (not just site templates)

Made for Your Involvement

Could TYPO3 grow where you are? Come, join us in the CoCoMOn project. We will always need more deliverables and our marketing and onboarding efforts can span the globe.

If you have any questions or would like to join us, feel free to contact one of the group leaders or contact the overall project leaders, Luisa Faßbender and Mathias Bolt Lesniak.

Join the CoCoMOn Project on TYPO3 Slack … or post a question below.