What is an Initiative?

An initiative is a strategic focus group consisting of multiple people working together on one topic or goal.

Initiative Starting Criteria

  • consist of at least 3 people
  • have a common strategic topic
  • have defined goals and milestones
  • have a defined timeline / road map

Getting Started with your own initiative

To get started with an initiative you'll first need a topic and a vague idea of the steps necessary to achieve your goals. With that in hand, you then search for like-minded people who have time and interest in working together on your topic. Once you have your team, you and your team sit down together (virtual or otherwise) and iron out the details of your topic idea — who's responsible for reporting, what are your goals and milestones and how does the timeline look like. Use the "initiative template" to write it down.

Now it's time to make things official: With all the details put together you can put in a request for an official initiative by contacting Benni (the TYPO3 Project Lead) — make sure to send him the completed template. Benni and you will discuss next steps and further process. When everything is said and done, you'll get your own shiny initiative page on this very website — once it's online you are all set to start working on your goals.

Ongoing Initiatives - Tasks

For an initiative to be considered active and ongoing, the team has to fulfill a few criteria:

  • monthly reports of activity have to be sent to Benni [there is a template for that, it's just a few sentences to make sure, everyone is still on board] — we want to generate an "Initiative monthly" from that
  • the team must contribute regularly — initiatives where nothing has happened for more than three consecutive months will be set to inactive
  • ongoing communication and coordination with general core development and the product team to ensure strategic focus

Where do I find people for my initiative?

Especially when getting started, finding people to be part of initiative is probably going to be the hardest part. To make that easier, we'd suggest you:

  • post a summary of your idea on https://decisions.typo3.org/
  • invite people to discuss your idea via Slack (#typo3-cms-coredev or #typo3-cms channels), Twitter/Facebook (#TYPO3) or any other channel / platform
  • make sure your idea isn't too vague — people need to see a concrete use case
  • make sure your idea isn't too narrow — people need to be able to bring in their own ideas