TYPO3 presents the latest version of its free content management system: TYPO3 CMS 6.2 LTS is now available

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New functions for front end, back end, and developers
Baar, March 25, 2014 Whether it’s front-end users, administrators, or website developers, all TYPO3 users will benefit from the latest version of the content management system, TYPO3 CMS 6.2 LTS, which was released today. As the second TYPO3 release with long-term support (LTS), TYPO3 CMS 6.2 LTS will receive at least three years of support from the development team behind the open-source software. The new release features state-of-the-art technologies that were introduced after the previous version was released in late 2012 to support companies and TYPO3 4.5 LTS’s large user base, who will migrate to the latest system over the coming year. The newly developed Install Tool with its practical wizard makes it very easy to upgrade from the still widely used 4.5 LTS version. Integrators can use a compatibility check to test existing installations for upgradability, identify possible challenges, and immediately resolve general problems. Backward compatibility facilitates the smooth migration of 4.5 LTS extensions, which need little if any adapting for 6.2 LTS.

New functions

The solution contains numerous new functions for optimized use: the file abstraction layer serves as an interface for the TYPO3 system and extensions to allow uniform treatment of files wherever they are stored, whether locally or in the cloud. In addition, a drag-and-drop upload function makes it easier to upload to the file repository and to link files to content elements. With the new Distributions concept, the core application is delivered as an “empty” installation, so users can subsequently install configured distributions via the management module. The distribution management functionality enables third-party developers, agencies, and hosts to create and realize their own distributions. The new version provides optimum support for modern web design, including full HTML5 support and responsive image rendering. Security is a top priority for TYPO3, and the security team had a big hand in shaping the new release: the formerly optional salted passwords extension is now pre-installed in order to safeguard the passwords of back-end users and the Install Tool. In addition, there are comprehensive mechanisms to guard against cross-site request forgery (CSRF). The new package manager ensures the interoperability of TYPO3 CMS with Composer-based PHP libraries and TYPO3 flow packages. To this end, it implements PSR-0 autoloading and supports vendor namespaces. Other new features include a core updater in the Install Tool, a PSR-3-compatible logger, standardized back-end styles, and a style-guide extension. Further information on TYPO3 is available at typo3.org; for more on TYPO3 CMS, visit <link http: typo3.org about typo3-cms _blank>typo3.org/about/typo3-cms/  About the TYPO3 Association The TYPO3 Association is an association according to Swiss law, founded in November 2004 by members of the TYPO3 community, among others Kasper Skårhøj. The TYPO3 Association has its registered seat in Baar ZG (Switzerland). According to its by-laws the TYPO3 Association promotes the project of the open source software TYPO3 under the GNU General Public License. The TYPO3 Association serves the community by publicly providing free software from third parties. The TYPO3 Association enables further development by providing the necessary conditions for creating and developing open-source software. This includes events and training courses as well as support of infrastructure. The TYPO3 Association is politically and religiously neutral. The association consists of members whose names can be found at the website <link http: association.typo3.org>association.typo3.org. Sponsors support diverse activities and thereby enable the continuing existence of the TYPO3 Association.  Press contact
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