TYPO3 Education Committee—TCCE Certification Team Update

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Since the kick-off-phase, the TCCE Certification Team has been working on updating the skills for TYPO3 version 11. This is now officially complete.

New, Obsolete And Updated Skills in TYPO3 V11

Every skill was internally discussed and then categorized according to different statuses, such as skill is new, skill is obsolete or skill has changed. The team decided upon changes based on the new features in TYPO3 v11 and their relevance for editors. 

Exploring the behavior of general internet use and the continuously increasing need for cyber security, the team discussed whether and if, internet security should be part of the certification. More on this below!

Reviewing CMS Basics, Media Management and TYPO3 Handling

Next, the team separated into asynchronous working groups. The skills marked for overhaul were distributed and each group wrote a detailed changelog for each skill in their respective domain. These changelogs were then exchanged, reviewed and either updated or agreed upon by the whole team. The final changes were confirmed in a meeting with the TCCI team (since many editor skills are a base for this certification). 

Updating SkillDisplay and Comparing the V10 and V11 Syllabus

Working with SkillDisplay, the team created a beta version of the CMS Certified Editor 11 LTS overview, and worked on the changes and updates to new and existing skills. In the process, this created the opportunity for aspiring TYPO3 editors to directly compare the v10 and v11 syllabus.

Quality Assurance Links, Resources and Tags

Whilst working on the syllabus, the team updated resources, links and tags for some existing and the new skills.

Internet/Cyber Security in General

While internet security certainly is an important topic and can not be disregarded, the team decided against making internet security a skill by itself for the certification. An aspiring editor ought to be knowledgeable in how to protect their account (for example, with multi-factor authentication), but it is not essential for the TCCE to teach future editors about how to protect yourself against malicious intent by third parties.

The team did, however, include certain basic internet security topics inside other skills, for example, in Basic Usage of a Browser and Backend Account.

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