TYPO3 CMS 6.0 End of Life Announcement

Categories: Development, Community Created by Helmut Hummel
TYPO3 CMS 6.0.14 is the last release for the 6.0.x branch
As <link http: typo3.org fileadmin t3org images fm-content team-pages core-development-team typo3_release_agenda_lts-2013-v2.pdf>previously announced, the support for TYPO3 6.0.x officially ended in May 2014. TYPO3 6.0.14 has been released recently including some important security fixes and this version will be the last release of this branch. It may be possible that some fixes (related to minor regressions incorporated in the last release) will still be back ported to the git repository, but these fixes will not be packaged into an official release any more. Sites that use TYPO3 6.0.x should be upgraded to TYPO3 6.2 LTS short term. TYPO3 CMS 6.0 was a land mark in innovation, which includes the move to PHP namespaces and introduction of the File Abstraction Layer. It paved the way for a clean and solid new TYPO3 6.2 LTS release which will be used for many web projects in the future.

A few words of thank you

As I failed to say thank you right after the release, I take the chance to do so now. Better late than never. And please forgive me to be shameless enough to include these personal words in an official announcement! I had the great honor to be one of the releases managers of this version. It was a time consuming and challenging task but I'm happy what was achieved and proud that many of these achievements are important milestones for the future of this product. But of course these achievements would not have been possible without the endurance and passion of a great community. I would like to take the chance to highlight a few people that stood out for me personally during the development and support phase of 6.0 (in no particular order): Christian Kuhn: Release Manager mate and code cruncher.
Thank you for your endurance, clear mind, for deep and challenging talks and last but not least for being a good friend! Susanne Moog: Release Manager mate and project management guru.
Thank you for positive thinking, courage, power and for asking me if I would do the RM job for 6.0! Oliver Hader: Lord Hader and Feel Good management guru.
Thank you for your encouraging and precise mindset and your endless friendliness and support! Wouter Wolters: Review cruncher and <link http: www.youtube.com>Duracell Bunny
Thank you for your invaluable, endless lightning fast code reviews and for always keeping an overview on important tasks! Anja Leichsenring: Bug fixing angel and review queen.
Thank you for always being yourself, for questioning and improving organizational structures and of course for your countless reviews and bugfixes! Thomas Maroschik: The brain
Thank you for investing the time, energy and sweat that made seemingly impossible things possible and for constantly advocating clean software architecture! I learned so much! Georg Ringer: Extension cruncher
Thank you for your endless trust in and love for the product and the community and for seemingly never ending power and time to build extensions and enhance TYPO3! Nicole Cordes: Late night coding artisan
Thank you for enriching our community with your contributions and your eager to learn and code no matter what time it is! Markus Klein: Pragmatic perfectionist
Thank you for the huge amount of time and passion you invest but especially for challenging me to give up on perfectionism if a pragmatic solution is needed and more important! Steffen Müller: Skeptical perfectionist
Thank you for your passion and perfectionism in your contributions! Christian Trabolt: Test enthusiast
Thank you for insisting on automated code analysis and test and for pointing me to and helping to establish great tool like Travis CI or Jenkins! This was a major milestone! Marc Bastian Heinrichs: MaBa the Extbase comprehender
Thank your for your precise and concise understanding of complex code, your great attention to detail and your openness to share your knowledge! Benni Mack, Ernesto Baschny, Michael Stucki, Steffen Ritter, Xavier Perseguers for their continuous support, advice and their passion to drive the community and the product forward and for being my mates in the best team I ever had the honor to be part of!  Steffen Gebert: Server automation magician
Thank you for your eager to set up and drive a clean and reliable infrastructure together with your team mates! François Suter: Documentation driver
Thank you for all the passionate work in improving the documentation and for your always balanced and deep mind! Marcus Krause: Security guru
Thank you so much for getting me into security business and for quite some awesome hacking sessions! I learned so much! Kasper Skårhøj: Hero
Thank you for everything! Andreas Otto: Good soul
You will always be in my heart and remain part of our community! All contributors, coders, designers, integrators, editors, marketers, event organizers, forgotten ones
Thank you sooo much! TYPO3 couldn't be without you!