TYPO3 Campus is evolving - Learning Units Sprint ahead

Categories: Community, Association, Education & Certification Created by Education Committee, Patrick Lobacher
The Education Committee organizes a Learning Units sprint in December in Kiel and calls for participation.
Since the TYPO3 Education committee started its work in July 2014, many different task forces have been founded and started their work too. One of them - the “Learning Units” task force has the goal to identify the different learn paths within the TYPO3 universum and find a way to fill them with appropriate learning content. The vision is, that as soon as someone wants to learn a piece of TYPO3 knowledge - they can move to the Campus and start the suitable learning unit.
There are many ideas to fulfill this goal - like video trainings, interactive trainings, text based trainings, online surveys, link lists, and many more. We plan to have as much guidance as possible for the learner. 
Currently the task force consists of Boas Bamberger, Martin Helmich, Christoph Hofmann, Boris Hinzer, Peter Pröll and - as the task force leader - Patrick Lobacher. We have our first sprint on 11th - 12th of December 2014 in Kiel at <link https: networkteam.com>networkteam GmbH (many thanks for sponsoring the location guys!) and will come up with a great concept and first content after the sprint.
As there is one slot left, we would be happy to receive applications - who of you want to be part of this stunning event? Please write an email to <link>patrick.lobacher@typo3.org - I’m looking forward for receiving your message.