TYPO3 at the Web Engineering Unconference

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The Web Engineering Unconference (WEUC) held in Palma de Mallorca, Spain, is an unconference about web technologies and performance. Limited to 100 attendees, this two day bar camp-style conference creates a family atmosphere for people to share their knowledge and experience.

 Ingo Schmitt attended WEUC, in Palma, Spain on 22–24 September 2023, as part of the Meet TYPO3 initiative. Ingo leads the Business Control Committee (BCC). See upcoming Meet TYPO3 events.

Over the two day event, 33 sessions were held across three tracks. The program offered topics about technology, business strategies, leadership, business organization and personal health. Also, a must-have for any conference in 2023: artificial intelligence. AI was one of the top topics in this conference and in particular, AI tools to help in the development process. Testing of web applications was also a popular topic and it is good to see that TYPO3 is already on a very good track concerning the automated QA of development. 

It was interesting to see the amount of non-technical talks during this event, including nurturing mental health and approaches to remuneration as an agency or freelancer. I also enjoyed the high quality of all the sessions. 

Technology and concepts for web applications are constantly evolving and new techniques are always being developed. Openness is a TYPO3 value, and being TYPO3 at WEUC was a great opportunity to hold an open exchange with other systems, their concepts and ideas. 

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