Team leader meeting November 2017

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At the 17th of November we had our regular team leader meeting.

Reports of our teams: team

From 2nd to 4th of November our team met in Essen at the Unperfekthaus: Another step towards our new sites. Also, we are looking for a lead designer: During our last sprints we identified blockers for our progress. The most important one is the lack of a lead designer. The person should be responsible for layout-related decisions, take care of the frontend architecture (CSS structure, etc.) and be the central point of contact for the design team.

Further Information about the activities in November.

Design team

Discussion about the brand process and the willing to participate here

  • Next Sprint 19.02 - 21.02.2017
  • Hangout with the team
    • Better Communication between the teams
    • Looking for one person being in lead regarding design and communication between the teams
    • .org team will join the design team sprint

Marketing Team

  • Working with OpenStrategy Partners regarding the Marketing Sprint
  • We have some Places left but it’s seems to become a good sprint
  • 16/26 Attendees

Core Team

  • Finalizing v9.0 release schedule, roadmap and timeline
  • Triggering What’s new team in the next few weeks

Server Team

  • Currently there are hardware issues with a server which costs ressources
  • Sprint in Köln with focus to LDAP and SSO functions
  • New concept for mailinglist will be created and forum and mailinglists will be moved to discourse 

Report from the Association

The Board will have it's next QSA Meeting in November in Munich. We will focus to:

  • Data Privacy Statement
  • Changing structure of TYPO3 Association
  • Strategy and Activities for TYPO3 Association in 2018

We informed about the Budget process changes and initiated the budget poll.

Next meeting

Our next meeting will take place at 21th december 2017.