typo3.org sprint November 2017

From 2nd to 4th of November our team met in Essen at the Unperfekthaus: Another step towards our new typo3.org sites. We are looking for a lead designer.

At the beginning of November, we had our sixth sprint (in 2017), right next to TYPO3 Camp Rhein-Ruhr. We were able to motivate a large group to dedicate their time to our project. As usual, we worked in smaller groups and on different topics.

extensions.typo3.org: Andreas and Thomas worked on further improvements to our extension repository. One focus was to get rid of legacy code.

my.typo3.org (in development): Stefan created a Slack Integration, that enables community users to create and link their typo3.org accounts with TYPO3 Slack so that the sign-up process will be streamlined and integrated into my.typo3.org. Miro worked on an email template so that all registration emails will get a friendly, and modern look.

new.typo3.org  (in development): Yaroslav, Harry, and his team worked on different aspects of our central layout extension and our main website:

  • News integration is complete
  • RealURL Config added
  • Linkhandler config added
  • Grid containers added

Lead designer wanted: During our last sprints we identified blockers for our progress. The most important one is the lack of a lead designer. The person will be responsible for layout-related decisions, take care of the frontend architecture (CSS structure, etc.) and be the central point of contact for the design team.

Content: Mathias continued his work on the content, rewriting the remaining pages and completing basic proofreading. He started SEO work, adding meta descriptions to important pages.

Next steps: Until our next sprint, which will take place around mid to end of January, we will continue our work remotely and implement further details. We will also work more closely with our design team and try to coordinate future sprints.

Join our team at the #t3o-relaunch-sprints channel in  https://typo3.slack.com

Participants of the sprint:

Thomas Löffler, Stefan Busemann, Yaroslav Trach, Mathias Bolt Lesniak, Harry Glatz, Andreas Wolf, Miro Olma, Christian Knauf, Boris Schauer and Arnd Messer