Successful fourth TYPO3camp in Hamburg

Categories: Community Created by Volker Graubaum

From 5th-7th August more than 120 participants came from all over Germany and neighbouring countries to the TYPO3camp in Hamburg - it was the fourth camp of its kind in the Hanseatic city.

Like previous years, the TYPO3camp was completely free of charge as is common for an unconference. Our special thanks goes to the sponsors of the camp, especially our Premium sponsors, Mittwald CM Services and Team Neusta.

All participants arriving Friday morning in Hamburg were treated to an organised sightseeing tour. From the Hamburg piers the old Elbe tunnel was visited first, followed by a harbour tour in a barge. As a special surprise the Queen Mary 2 was moored in Hamburg this day, enabling participants to take a real close look at this transatlantic ocean liner.

The actual Barcamp started in friday night with a get-together in the Pony-Bar. The last participants left the bar late in the night, after a long night discussing and playing table football.

On Saturday morning, participants met at the Macromedia University for Media and Communication. After breakfast the sessions were planned. There were four lecture rooms the talks could be held in. During the breaks participants met on the terrace. Topics on Saturday were, amongst others, SASS, Kanban, SOLR, Extbase and fluid, and the new form extension. A total of 26 sessions were held on Saturday.

In the evening the social event was held at the Sausalitos. After a few cocktails and good food, some (30) participants explored the night life in Hamburg. The Twitter messages (#t3chh11) of that night mentioned an interesting night. Almost all participants seemed to be fit and ready again for another day featuring many exciting presentations, with a variety of topics like Caretaker, Facebook with TYPO3 and website-conception. With a total of 18 topics the Sunday program was well filled again.

Overall, we look back on three great days and look forward to more camps. More information and pictures can be find on: