Strategy and Leadership in the TYPO3 project

Categories: Community Created by Robert Lemke

A wide range of decisions, from detailed level to strategic, are taken everyday in the TYPO3 project. Most of these decisions are the result of initiatives brought up by individuals. While a lot of these decisions are taken in teams or committees, the paths are not always visible to the whole community.

Teams in the TYPO3 project are working hard to promote the projects within their scope. The documentation team, for example, will always reason about ways to improve documentation. The marketing team in term is focused on the next campaign or staffing an important fair.

What we are lacking is a common round table which unites the teams. A team of the teams which meets regularly and focuses on the one question: What are the next steps to bring TYPO3 ahead?

Such a team of teams would discuss proposals brought up in the teams and, if necessary, decides on topics of broader relevance. While the intention is not to build a top-down hierarchy for decisions, the Product Board can serve as a light house for communication and be an instance which can ultimately decide on important questions.

During the last year I have discussed with various members of the community and, along some further discussions in the Steering Committee, created a draft for a new body called "Product Board". I've asked core team members and others for some initial feedback in order to get the rough edges polished before asking the whole community for their opinion. Now here's the second draft, up for discussion:

<link https: document _blank>Product Board concept

<link https: document d edit _blank>Product Board concept (with commenting function)

Last week, at the mountain top during T3BOARD12, I answered a few questions regarding the concept. You can watch the video here: <link http: _blank>

After polishing the concept I suggest to start as soon as possible with forming an initial Product Board team and have a first online meeting. The first insights of such meetings can then be shared and further discussed at the TYPO3 Developer Days in April.