Schedule Published: Designing Futures of FOSS Content Management at FOSDEM

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Drupal, Joomla, TYPO3, and WordPress are organizing a one-day track at FOSDEM, in Brussels, 4 February 2024. Attend this free event to discuss, learn, and work on issues that affect FOSS CMS projects, from policy to development, security, and beyond.

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Attending FOSDEM is free — and other FOSS CMS projects and their communities are welcome and encouraged to attend as well.

Caring for Community, Contribution, and Code Beyond Our Own

Though our CMS projects solve problems differently, the challenges we see ahead are the same. Working with FOSS should mean working together, making sure FOSS CMSs together make FOSS the obvious choice. That means caring for community, contribution, and code beyond our own.

Choosing FOSS should be any customer’s first choice, a choice based on the unique FOSS-derived benefits. Choosing the platform comes second to that. Expertise and ability to solve a customer’s problem is where the real competition happens.

Topics Crossing CMS Project Boundaries

Topics span from accessibility and editing interface to open-source leadership and how free and open-source CMSs can remain competitive with enterprise clients.

The room will be hosted by Jeffrey A. "jam" McGuire, an experienced event host and long-time friend of and contributor to multiple FOSS CMS communities.

The day ends with a roundtable discussion between representatives from all the participating content management systems. Topic: While our differences make us unique in a competitive marketplace, how do we collaborate to get stronger together?

You'll be able to meet a handful of TYPO3 community members at FOSDEM. The Meet TYPO3 event listing shows a few.

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The track will also be live streamed at