Report on the Team Sprint in Wiesbaden (Feb 2019)

Categories: Community Created by Felix Ranesberger and documentation team
From 10th to 13th of February our team met in Wiesbaden. We were guests in the office of AOE.

Long-time TYPO3 community members will remember their first experiences with TYPO3 and the community behind it. They might recall frustrating moments while trying to write their first line of TypoScript, or also the moment they finally held the solution in their digital hands.

Since I'm just at the beginning of this story, I'd like to share some of my first experiences around the TYPO3 world with you.

Perhaps first some information about me: My name is Felix Ranesberger, I’m almost 17 years old. I've been interested in design for quite some time, and now I'm freshly immersed in TYPO3, HTML, and CSS.

Especially as a beginner, you will encounter some challenges. That's why having a group of helpful people sitting next to you at the beginning makes a big difference. Working together in this sprint was a lot of fun for me because I met interesting people with similar interests to me. 

  • In this sprint, I set up and configured my project with Docker and ddev. Here I ran into some problems, which I solved with a little help from others. I created a design to simplify the UI for the version-switcher at

  • I have integrated a new component with a flexible background-color that can be adapted to the brand colors of the TYPO3 Association.

  • Finally, I used Sketch to design some new features we’re currently working on.

The beginning is always tough, but I liked my first TYPO3 sprint and I am pretty sure I’ll participate again. 

Let’s have a look, at what the whole team achieved in this sprint:

79 issues and 57 merge requests were done.

Common Infrastructure

  • Update ddev to the latest version
  • Use PHP 7.2 for all projects
  • Moved all projects to new servers

Common Layout:

  • Styleguide & HTML Prototype
  • Introduced new content elements

  • Introduced secure web
  • Improved donation listing 

  • Introduced secure web
  • Introduced a support option to create LDAP records
  • Integrate Gravatar for Slack user profile
  • Add release notes to (
  • Add a list view for community user profiles

  • Likes for extensions
  • Link to extension documentation manual in the search results page

  • Updated the extension election to TYPO3 8.7
  • Integrated Deployment for this site

As a last note, I’d like to mention, that we shared our sprint with the Documentation Team. We were able to help each other and worked on several tasks together. Keep an eye out for a report from the Documentation Team about their sprint. 

Join our team at the #t3o-development channel in TYPO3 Slack and get in touch at our next sprint.

Next steps: Our next sprint will be from the 19-22 May in Stuttgart.  Feel free, to join us.

Participants of the sprint:

Thomas Löffler (SpoonerWeb),  Stefan Busemann (in2code GmbH), Harry Glatz (analog digitalagentur) , Boris Schauer (analog digitalagentur), Mathias Bolt Lesniak (Pixelant), Tomas Norre Mikkelsen (AOE GmbH), Andreas Nedbal (in2code GmbH), Felix Ranesberger  (in2code GmbH), Valentin Süß (Browserwerk GmbH), Sebastian Kotte (Browserwerk GmbH), Christoph Pascher (Browserwerk GmbH), Jonas Koneczny (analog digitalagentur)

Many thanks to the agency AOE for support our team with the excellent hosting for this sprint.