Recap: Docs Team Joins Sprint Wiesbaden

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Plant, two chairs and an empty table behind a glass wall.
A conference room at the AOE offices in Wiesbaden. (Photo: AOE GmbH, all rights reserved.)
The Documentation Team joined the Team Sprint in Wiesbaden, Germany from Feb 10-13. Two of us from the Docs team met up for the sprint, Daniel Siepmann, of Codappix GmbH, and myself, Sybille Peters, from Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg.

Our plan was to work on documentation topics, but also take the chance of talking with (t3o) team members about what issues we have in common. After all, both teams work on making information available to the TYPO3 community so there was bound to be some overlap.

You can read what they accomplished in the Report on the Team Sprint here.

The sprint was hosted by AOE GmbH at their offices in Wiesbaden. This was a very nice location for the sprint with a separate room for discussions. It seemed like the hosts had thought of everything. Even earplugs were available, which was not a bad idea because some heated debates did occur.

The working atmosphere was very productive with standups twice daily and we made some progress on ongoing tasks:


Tooling and Workflow

  • Automatic rendering of ViewHelper reference from source code comments

  • Optimized workflow for rendering on documentation server

  • Began optimizing toolchain for t3docs theme

  • Worked on issues and pull requests for t3docs theme (max-width, version selector)

New Documentation Published and Improved

  • Finalized rte_ckeditor documentation and announced on (completed)

  • Optimized documentation on rendering documentation locally with Docker (completed)

Planning and Strategy

  • Began brainstorming on new start page for

  • Discussed ideas for making it easier for people new to TYPO3 (What documentation do they need? How do they find it?)

  • Collected feedback from other team members

  • Joined discussion initiated by Stefan Busemann on general communication strategy


TYPO3 sprints with multiple teams are a great idea. We are looking forward to joining more sprints - with or without other teams. Thank the t3o team and AOE for making this possible!

We are very pleased that two more people expressed an interest in joining the team or contributing regularly.

Now, we are hoping, that even more people will contribute to the documentation. There are cool tasks and endless possibilities to contribute waiting for them, some of which don’t even involve writing! Keep an eye on the list of upcoming sprints to see what is happening next.

Join Us?

We haven’t planned the next documentation sprint yet, but you can join us in the Slack channel #typo3-documentation.

Please spread the word that everyone can contribute to TYPO3 documentation, and everyone in the community has skills to help improve documentation.

There are a number of tasks you might be able to help out on that need help. If you are a developer and don’t like writing documentation - there are things you can help us with as well. Just contact us!

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