Report from the Team 2020—Part 1

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This is a report from The Website Team that looks after the website and central subdomains, such as the TYPO3 Extension Repository (TER). Our new “Remote Days” make participation even easier than before.

Team Sprints / Remote Days

Like all of the TYPO3 teams and nearly the whole of humanity, we also faced the problem named COVID-19. Just before the nationwide lockdown in Germany started in March, we joined a Team Sprint organized by the Server Team.

Our planned sprints for March and May were cancelled and we looked for another option to work together.

In June, we started with the first Remote Day. A Remote Day is defined as a whole day to work on topics and issues, previously organized by the Team Lead and Product Owner. It goes from midnight to midnight for 24 hours. Everyone can contribute on that day, whether from Germany, India, Brazil, or anywhere else.

It started quite well and we announced all Remote Days (15th of each month) until the end of the year. We hope that we will get new contributors and engage known contributors as well.

If you want to contribute, look here and join:  


Our first goal was to upgrade our biggest project to TYPO3 v10 within a week after the CMS release: We succeeded and 5 days after the TYPO3 CMS v10 release we got it running on production.

Our next goals are to upgrade to v10 and create a new and modern API for TER, before upgrading it to v10 as well. We’ve already made some progress. 

As our main sitepackage extension t3olayout is a few years old, we want to refactor the code and improve the layout and integration for a better, faster, and more beautiful output.

Our project moved to a new website, maintained by the TYPO3 GmbH, to have a better interface with the user and member management. This is now the central hub for logging into TYPO3 sites, including a new online shop for the TYPO3 community

Upcoming in the second half of 2020

  • Investigate the success of t3o Remote Day concept
  • Upgrade to TYPO3 v10
  • Create/Improve API for TYPO3 Extension Repository
  • Upgrade to v10
  • Improve the t3olayout extension

How to get involved

Big thanks to all contributors from January 1st to June 30th

(In alphabetical order.)

  • Stefan Busemann
  • Riccardo De Contardi
  • Olivier Dobberkau
  • Markus Dübbert
  • Simon Gilli
  • Josef Glatz
  • Jonas Götze
  • Stephan Großberndt
  • Oliver Hader
  • Torben Hansen
  • Marco Huber
  • Johannes Kasberger
  • Christian Keuerleber
  • Peter Kraume
  • David Lemaitre
  • Mathias Bolt Lesniak
  • Thomas Löffler
  • Benni Mack
  • Tomas Norre Mikkelsen
  • Tymoteusz Motylewski
  • Andreas Nedbal
  • Alex Nostadt
  • Sybille Peters
  • Georg Ringer
  • Boris Schauer
  • Daniel Siepmann
  • Andri Steiner
  • Michael Stucki