Recap: TYPO3 Form Initiative Sprint Weimar

Categories: Development, Community Created by Susanne Moog
The TYPO3 Form Initiative met in Weimar, Germany, 16–18 May to collaboratively work on improving the form framework. Located in the middle of Germany in the state of Thuringia, Weimar is especially famous for its rich history and role in the German Enlightenment.

What is an initiative?
An “initiative” consists of people with a common interest to make long-term improvements in a specific area of TYPO3 including strategic plans, goals, task-breakdown and monitoring of progress. These initiatives might also span over multiple versions like v9 & v10 - but it’s important to keep the focus on achieving and coming closer to the defined goals. Everyone is welcome to join an initiative and collaborate on making TYPO3 even better.
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The main goals of the sprint were working on introducing conditions and variants in the form framework, casual bugfixing and improving user experience. Benjamin Burse and Daniela Pohl created their first patches for the TYPO3 core, core team members Oliver Hader, Ralf Zimmermann and me supported the efforts - additionally our UX efforts were remotely supported by Rachel Foucard from France. 

A special thank you goes to Björn Jacob from TRITUM and Dirk Hildebrandt from <i-D> internet + Design  for organizing everything.

Want to join a sprint, too?
A code sprint is an event where developers meet to work on patches and reviews together. Usually between 5 and 20 people join forces in one place to code all-day-long. The events last 3-5 days and take place in various agencies around the globe - but not only developers from that agency are welcome, everybody is. Interested?
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