November 26, 2010 Bug Day Report

Categories: Community Created by François Suter
Every last Friday of the month is a TYPO3 Bug Day. Following up on that come the Bug Day reports. Is it boring?
Whenever something becomes routine, it should be questioned every now and then. Ever since I took over the organization of the Bug Days, I tried to write a report after each event. My belief is that such reports motivate people to participate, because those who did are listed and those who didn't might wish they were in the list. In general it is a way to show that things happen, even if slowly at times. However writing such a report every month is rather boring to be honest, and I would not be surprised if people told me that it's pretty boring to read too. So what is your opinion about the Bug Day reports? Are they useful or not? Do you enjoy reading them? What could make them more interesting? Please give your feedback in the comments! As for the November Bug Day, it registered medium activity. One meeting place was proposed by <link http: web>cogitatio, in Bonn, Germany, but I'm afraid Falk Kühnel was pretty much alone there. The other registered participants were:
  • Steffen Kamper
  • Christian Kuhn
  • Susanne Moog
  • François Suter
  • Krystian Szymukowicz
and a whole team from Cambodia (<link http: essentials web>, for whom it was the first Bug Day. It was great to have this participation from afar! 14 bugs were resolved and 9 new ones opened, for a total reduction of 5 bugs. Yes, we are back on a downward trend, let's keep it up! The next Bug Day will be earlier due to Christmas: it will take place on December 17, 2010. Don't forget to write it down in your calendars. By the way the dates for 2011 are available, go ahead and mark them down too!

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