Marketing Sprint—A vision for 2021

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In our most recent marketing sprint, we opened up the discussion to think more broadly about what we want to achieve with the marketing team, what is in scope, and what the roadmap for 2021 will look like.

Join the Next TYPO3 Online Marketing Sprint Q4/2020

About the Sprint

In this sprint, we held open-ended discussions. This was in contrast to the past marketing sprints in which we were still somewhat focused on release communications. 

Thank you to twelve attendees, including members of the TYPO3 Marketing Team and newcomers from Canada, Egypt, and Austria! 

  • General Global Strategy
  • Onboarding Newcomers 

Notes from the Global Strategy Session

This group explored: Which markets should we focus on? What does each market need? How can we support local communities? 

In the sprint, we had presentations from participants to talk about markets in which they work. They researched the state of TYPO3 in these regions. 

  1. US—Paul Hansen.
  2. South America—Carlos Llanos.
  3. Egypt, North Africa, Canada—Ahmed.

Where does the TYPO3 community want to make a push for promotion? US / North America!

What can we do to be more active in those regions? Partnerships, mentorship, and support from experienced agencies. 

Questions that came out of this session:

  • How to reach digital agencies in the US to have them considering adding TYPO3 to their portfolio?
  • What kind of onboarding, support, or mentoring could be given to those working in digital agencies? 

Notes from the Onboarding Session

This group explored: What is the experience of TYPO3 like for newcomers? What can we do to improve it? How can we get this done? Who should be involved? 

At the start of the session, this small group focused on defining: What do we mean by onboarding? 

  • “Onboarding, also known as organizational socialization,” whereby people “acquire the necessary knowledge, skills, and behaviors in order to become effective organizational members and insiders.”—Wikipedia 

What is out of scope for the marketing team? End-user onboarding which is a product question. 

In scope for the marketing team. 

  • Top of the funnel and onboarding decision-makers. As soon as people search for TYPO3, they begin their journey. 
    • Who? A mixed audience in a decision-making unit. 
    • What? They need introductory information about TYPO3. 
  • TYPO3 Community onboarding from initial exploration, to entry, to participation,  
    • From “learning about TYPO3” to using it, to being a good open-source citizen, to becoming a contributor. 
    • Who? Any TYPO3 user. 
    • What? Participation and contribution could be attending events, organizing, direct contribution via Association Membership, user feedback, and software development.
    • Check out: The Open Source Contributor Funnel

We realized that improvements in onboarding cannot happen without involving people from across community teams and initiatives. So we have hatched an idea to develop a cross-community sprint on improving the onboarding experience for 2021. Keep an eye out for news! 

A TYPO3 Marketing Roadmap

Based on the discussions in this sprint, we agreed on a roadmap… 

  • Q4 Sprint in December—focus on Sales Resources. Competitor comparisons, and resources for decision-makers and sales teams. 
  • Q1 2021: An open sprint involving more people from across the community to focus on onboarding and newcomer experiences.

So we decided until then, we would finish Q3 tasks until the end of 2020.

Want to Help TYPO3 Compete? 

Join us for the next marketing sprint. 

We’re going to focus on preparing “battle cards” to help salespeople sell TYPO3 in head-to-head comparisons about TYPO3 versus other open-source CMSs. 

If you have experience with any of the following, we’d love your input!

  • WordPress
  • Drupal
  • Joomla
  • Jimdo
  • Static CMSs

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