Mailserver Migration

Categories: Community, Server Created by Andri Steiner
We are about to switch the email server to a completely new system on Monday, 5th of March 2018. All current mailbox owner have to migrate their data and configuration.

For several reasons, the TYPO3 server team decided to drop the current mail service in favour of a new solution. This service is based on Mailcow and will be managed by snowflake Ops AG, who runs such setups for several agencies already.

If you own a address, this change needs your action, as you have to

  1. set a new password (we just sent you more information and a temporary password to your current account)
  2. if you redirect your mails, setup new redirect rules to your external mail account
  3. if you manage your mails locally, setup the new account within your mail client
  4. migrate or backup your old emails if you want to keep them


  • today: the new accounts are in place and ready to use for sending and storing mails (Beware: incoming mails are still delivered to the old infrastructure, and mails sent to accounts through the new system will stay there and not reach someone who still only uses the old server)
  • 5th of March 2018: MX record switch, incoming mails are delivered to the new infrastructure
  • 2nd of April 2018: The old mail server will be shut down


Please make sure that you migrate all your old emails to the new server within this month. In order to move them, you can either add the second account to your email client and drag&drop mails over to the new account, or (what we highly recommend) use a tool called imapsync to do this job. Please also use the new SMTP server for sending emails instead of your own server. We will likely set up SPF records soon.


In case of any trouble, feel free to contact us via the #typo3-server-team Slack channel, Twitter (@TYPO3server) or email.