Introducing strategic TYPO3 development initiatives

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Team work
During the TYPO3 core team meeting in January the team decided to introduce strategic initiatives as a way to structure and plan future development. An “initiative” consists of people within the TYPO3 community with a common interest to make long-term improvements in a specific area in TYPO3 including strategic plans, goals, task-breakdown, monitoring of progress and reporting. These initiative might also span over multiple versions like v9 & v10.

More transparency and predictability

With initiatives, we are providing a bigger picture plan for future development  of TYPO3 enabling the wider community to give feedback, contribute and collaborate. As each initiative contains a defined set of goals and steps to achieve them, contributing gets easier. In the past we often had discussions about why certain decisions were taken or regarded necessary, with the initiatives we want to provide more information on the motivation behind these decisions and a way to associate the single steps with the ultimate goal, making TYPO3 core development more predictable for the team and the community.

Forming initiatives

Initiatives are formed when a group of interested people come together and create a plan for a topic. Once the basic plan has been formulated, the topic may be discussed on to incorporate more feedback from the community. Every initiative then needs an agreement of the TYPO3 product team and a mentor from the core team responsible for mentoring the team, tracking progress, coordinating with other initiatives and periodically posting status updates.

Join an initiative!

Everybody is invited to join an initiative to contribute to the future development of TYPO3. All initiatives are published on with information about the goals, milestones and current status as well as contact information to get in touch and join the initiatives.

As we are still in the forming phase, not all planned initiatives are published yet. Stay tuned - there’s more to come.

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