GitLab’s Built-In TYPO3 Project Template

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Screenshot from GitLab showing the list of available templates.
GitLab 15.7 and newer ships with a built-in TYPO3 template for and self-hosted instances. The template is aimed at professionals and includes a deployment workflow using Composer and GitLab CI.

Using the new template is easy: Just create a new project and select Create from template. GitLab will show a list of available templates. Locate the TYPO3 Distribution and hit the Use Template button. Give your project a name and Gitlab will import the project for you. This allows you to have a "ready-to-code install" in almost no time.

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The template uses these tools:

  • DDEV: For a local environment with PHP, web server, and database
  • NPM/Webpack: Compile frontend assets like CSS and JavaScript
  • Deployer: Deploy the application to the server

Project Setup

After the project has been cloned, run these commands from within the projects folder. Don't forget to give the DDEV project a suitable name.

    ddev config --project-name=my-typo3 --project-type=typo3
    ddev composer install
    touch public/FIRST_INSTALL
    ddev start

Now TYPO3 is running, but the frontend still needs initialization.

    npm install
    npm run build:production
    ddev composer dumpautoload # Required to publish _assets
    ddev typo3 extension:setup # Initialize page tree and content

That's it.

Code Analysis & Quality

The template ships with a basic configuration for PHPStan and CS-Fixer. You can run them


    ./vendor/bin/phpstan analyse -c .phpstan.neon --no-progress


    ./vendor/bin/php-cs-fixer fix --dry-run --diff


The deployment workflow uses GitLab CI (see .gitlab-ci.yml) together with Deployer. Take a look at deploy.yaml in the project root and change it to your needs.

Watch the Complete Setup Process

Do You Feel Like Anything Is Missing?

Everyone can contribute to the Project Template Repository to make the template even better.

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