Documentation Team—Summer Update 2022

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It’s been a busy summer in the northern hemisphere and we’ve got plenty of updates to share.

TYPO3 Developers Days

Several members of the Documentation Team attended this year's TYPO3 Developer Days. 

The coding night was a big success for us and we had several new contributors stop by to work on documentation. 

Between attending sessions and catching up with old friends, the team also managed to get together and work through outstanding pull requests, work on changes to the Extension Development guide and agree on what work will be carried out this winter. 

Winter Roadmap

Extension development material

We are in the process of writing new material surrounding extension development both with and without Extbase. Our current documentation is a combination of reference material and tutorials merged together. Going forward, we want to separate this content into a standalone reference guide and a collection of hands-on tutorials for developers of all abilities. 

In addition to this we want to write clear distinctions about when you should use Extbase for a project, and what the pros and cons are when you should consider creating a standalone extension. 

Sitepackage Documentation

The sitepackage documentation is one of the most frequently accessed pieces of documentation we have, and it forms one of the cornerstones of TYPO3’s documentation. This autumn we will be carrying out a review that includes changes to the overall structure with the addition of new content centered around new users. 

Editors Guide

The Editors Guide will also be receiving a similar review, with the addition of new content and illustrations focussed on helping new users get up to speed with managing pages and content. 


We wanted to take this opportunity to thank Chris Müller for all of the work he’s contributed this summer. Chris has been working on a number of different projects in addition to reviewing pull requests submitted by the community. When asked about what he’s enjoyed most about working on the docs, Chris said: 

“Learning new things about TYPO3 while improving the docs at the same time. Sometimes I see a topic in the review process and think, ‘Oh that's possible? Great! I did not know we could do that.’ So, improving the docs for everyone and learning something new while working with the docs, I think that makes me happy.”

Code Sprints

There are two upcoming code sprints and the Documentation Team will be present at both. We will be working on a range of tasks and if you would like to attend or would like to find out more about the sprints, contact a member of the Documentation Team.

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